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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    BluRay Guest
    I'd say It's worth to skip on this Rogero CFW and wait a Rebug 4.30 CFW

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    johnwrnd Guest
    I thought the FAT versions were safe but it seems like they aren't... i recommend to totally skip this CFW and do not install it if you wish to keep your PS3. I waited until a better version come out but it seems like this version isn't any better.

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    G Sus Guest
    the first one seemed to hit slims, the second one seems to hit phats, but i dont think the brick rate on the first one was exceptionally high, and its a lot lower on the second one. infact i've only heard of 2, theres probably more but considering how many successful updates there has been on both versions.

    i'd say it was pretty successful, and both did come with warning only to try if you have a hardware flasher. and common sense itself tells you to wait untill those that do, have tried it.

    its just a shame there was any bricks at all. it would have been one hell of a finger in the eye for sony.

    Personally i love my Rogero 4.21 V1 but it would appear i was just very lucky.

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    bioforge73 Guest
    Updated my slim ps3 to 4.21 v1.09, i was on kmeaw 3.55. My steps was the safe path and all went smooth.

    1.Update to OFW 3.55 from recovery menu
    2.Update to CFW 4.21 again from recovery menu

    Thanks for this Rogero.

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    Frost90 Guest
    johnwrnd, press the on button and hold it until you hear beep sound, then release it and the video settings will be restored.

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    johnwrnd Guest
    The worst thing is that i can't call the recovery menu again and i think only hardware will help. Eitherway now i think i've learned a lesson... CFW aren't that bad and easy to get but they bring a lot of risk with it. Because of that i know believe that a drive-emulator may be the way to go in the future.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i might do this firmware, but i'm still a lil worried. i really am impatient since it's so cool, i wanted it the first time around and i doubt my game that i've wanted to play will ever get patched.

    i'm on kmeaw 3.55 on a cech2501a system. am i safe? also, i know we have to downgrade to 3.55 probably every time, but is that method pretty safe also?

    idk... i really wanna jump on it, but i don't wanna do something that'll limit me later like if 4.3 comes out.

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    solokaz Guest
    the problem with this CFW is if your system stuck and need to restore the system you mast format the hdd, I format mine 60 ps3 games 750 GB all in garbage...

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    G Sus Guest
    you had all games on a 1tb hardrive inside your ps3 ?

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    solokaz Guest
    750 GB man a lot of games more than 60 I need to download all of them...

    And the great thing I have all the latest games

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