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    Banned User
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    are you installing from xmb or recovery menu, i'm not sure but i believe its meant to be installed from recovery menu

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    I had the same problem i guess, i upgraded to cfw 4.21 v1.0, then i used downgrader to return to 3.55, i didn't return i was stucked on 4.21 and when i want to install the 3.55 it says that i have to install 4.40 or later... i tried twice but same, after that i relaunched that QA and tried combination, i successed to return it back to 3.55... after that i tried the 3rd time so i luckily installed it...

    i guess maybe it is the QA problem coz the 1st time i launched it, i failed to make the test with the combination L1, L2... the 2nd time i could make the combo then everything went well.

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    Ohhhh noo. Perhaps it would have been better to install OFW3.55 after rehash... I also got a CECHG04 but Im on DEX right now.

    I'm soo scared converting back to CEX because I did it with Prel.Adv. and not multiman. But I want to try it, altough I got no hardwareflasher... Perhaps they also release the DEX-4.21-CFW *plz not flame me* I'm soo excited


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    If you're on DEX right now, I would hold off on converting back unless it was a raw NAND/NOR Flash dump.

    Don't worry, in time the PS3MFW TCLs and updated scripts will come out to enable users to make DEX CFWs of >3.55 firmware.

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    sorry but i'm so worried...

  6. #466
    Thank you soo much for your answer. What do you mean with "Raw NAND Flash dump" ? I got a NAND console. I dumped the 256MB via "preloader Advance (ver 3.1 i think)". I got all CEX-dump-files backed up: (the full dump with256MB, and the segmented onces).

    And ofc I got the DEX-dump (which was converted from the cex-dump)


    P.S.: Perhaps I try to dump a new DEX-dump via multiman and compare with my converted DEX dump?

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    thnx works for me

  8. #468
    anyone doing the dex to cex reversion just to try this 4.21cfw.

    could you message me with how it goes please?

  9. #469
    Sincerely, I don't have much faith on DEX, what can It do that an CFW of same FW can't?

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    plenty for devs, but not much for us average users


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