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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    luci ferson i did a lot of reading here and there and i found something interesting, a dongle user just need to unplug it and update to rogero 4.21 cfw... i'd like to try this lol

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    billy spleen Guest
    hey i'm on cfw 4.21 rogero v1.09 but when i play pes 2013 i'm stuck in the loading screen

    any ideas ?

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    johnwrnd Guest
    Whenever i try to update from 3.55 CFW (no downgraded fat PS3) to 4.21 rogero v1.09 i Keep getting the message "Update data of version 1.97 or later can be installed on this system (8002F967)" what can i do??? should i try the recovery or something else?

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    sdlaurin Guest
    is there a disk in the drive? if so take it out

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    johnwrnd Guest
    No disk is in the drive and still the same... could it be because i started the Toggle QA pkg before???

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    sdlaurin Guest
    i dont know enough about it yet sorry, i dont want to help you brick your ps3

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    johnwrnd Guest
    Thank you anyways... sad it seems like i can't update now. also it seems to be a very rare problem since there are not many posts about it on the net.

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    G Sus Guest
    very rare problem yup,

    if youve never downgraded and only ran 3.55 you should be okey, but toggle qa anyway

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    johnwrnd Guest
    Never downgraded my unit and i'm on 3.55 CFW... quite strange that i can't update indeed but i prefer that message for now rather than a brick

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    rockini Guest
    same problem here think there is a spoof or something.

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