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  1. #441
    Ultrafire Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Portalcake View Post
    Can the 4.25 to 3.55 PS3UPDAT.PUP be run on OFW 4.21 to downgrade to 3.55?
    Wondering this too.

  2. #442
    G Sus Guest
    it worked on all the ones i tested, but then i formatted my harddrive and reinstalled all games from disk.

    all 57 of them and they all worked perfect. but i'm on V1 and its not advisable to try the downgrade pup on OFW

  3. #443
    migueln4 Guest
    Hi there I'm new here and on the CFW update.

    My PS3 as never been downgraded or customized it was the first time. I have download this CFW but the update always stuck on 70%.

    i also have tried different mirrors, pages.. always the same. Could be because the PS3 is "virgin" on CFW?

    Help will be appreciate.

    Regards to all

  4. #444
    ilovehc Guest
    Hi there, little question:

    when i did the first jailbrake 2 years ago i switched from 3.50 to 3.41 with the P3GO dongle, so, for the new cfw, i must to dehash and activate the QA flag?

    thanks in advance

  5. #445
    kuligos85 Guest


    My ps3 fat CECHG04, Rogero 4.21 v1.0 works fine

    Rogero 4.21 v1.0 -->421to355 downgrade-->rehash-->cfw 3.55 rogero 3.7a-->recovery menu install CFW 4.21 v1.09 and BRICKED. My ps3 is over

    Do not install v1.09 on CECHG04!!

  6. #446
    ttlgeek Guest
    I'm not satisfied until we can install this on OFW higher than 3.55

  7. #447
    G Sus Guest
    thanks for the warning, hope there isnt going to be too many of these happen, i'm definitely staying on V1 for now. I've got a slim but where there is one brick there is always possibility of another

  8. #448
    mine is slim cech 2006 CFW v2.7 spoofed 4.11, going to do the leap of faith tonight... wish me luck everybody

  9. #449
    G Sus Guest
    follow the instructions carefully. and youl hopefully be ok but there's rumours that there will be a better one.

    this isn't the final version so you could always wait and play with all the new eboots.

  10. #450
    sdlaurin Guest
    so many times i wanted to update to ofw from km3.55 just to play a certain game, all of your advice to me was DONT DO IT.

    2 years later I am telling you when it comes to these new cfw, if you dont have a solid way to recover from a brick, DONT DO IT.

    you had Patience staying on km 3.55, stay on it until the mother of all cfw is out, tested, and true.

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