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  1. #411
    hot sniper Guest
    I'm with hakulaku2012 i got his same problems so i can't downgrade too ~_~

    any help?!

  2. #412
    ROOKI3 Guest
    you need original eboots and what ever files you replaced with the patches you used.

  3. #413
    Axlmegaman Guest
    Well i thought of that and that seems like a good idea. But something weird happened to me, the only game i hadn't touched was persona 4 arena and it worked with the 4.21 cfw, but then i quit the game to play another game, found out about the errors and went back to P4A and i got hit with the trophy error.

  4. #414
    IndyColtsFan84 Guest
    Think i will stick with 4.21 v1 for now. Only issue i have at the moment is the in-game xmb problem. Not a big deal for me, don't mind holding down the ps button for a couple seconds.

  5. #415
    ROOKI3 Guest
    Ultrafire only if you can downgrade back to 3.55

  6. #416
    BluRay Guest


    Hey guys, while v1.09 is safer then v1.00, seems like It's not brick-proof. There has been a few reports of Fat PS3s bricking on it, no slim so far though. There are still some glitches/instability too. During beta testing, Rogero had told us that this isn't the final version, perhaps he just released it due to none of the testers getting bricks.

    From mostwanted:
    • While on Rogero CFW4.21, go to System Update from XMB and install the 4.25 downgrader CFW.
    • Once installed, now put "Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7" on your USB in: "USB\PS3\UPDATE\PS3UPDAT.PUP" ---> Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7.PUP
    • Start the PS3 into Recovery Menu and install "Rogero CEX-3.55 CFW V3.7" (from Recovery Menu, this is important)

    When I got back into the XMB I checked my current Firmware its now saying "Version 4.21" :?
    Which I thought should be weird because I thought I installed 4.25 downgrader so should it have been saying "Version 4.25" ?

    Then I realized that I had a disc in my system "Viking: Battle for Asgard" Now this is when I realized I might be screwed, but then I noticed a change in my XMB there's now a "Homebrew" category which was originally the "TV/Video Services"

    Now I've taken out the disc and I made a video of my whole progress:

  7. #417
    Axlmegaman Guest
    Has anyone installed the firmware with a disc inside the ps3, because i did so and now anytime i start a game, i get a trophy error. I say this because i went and in bright red caps was "DO NOT HAVE DISC IN PS3 WHEN UPDATING FIRMWARES.. as the PS3 will take the UPDATE from the DISC First.", which i had received no warning of.

  8. #418
    ROOKI3 Guest
    Axlmegaman post #413 i wouldn't know about that since i haven't updated my 3.55 kmeaw, just waiting for a few weeks more so hopefully many bugs get fixed.

  9. #419
    BluRay Guest
    If you upgrade with disc inside and QA flag enabled, your FW will be updated to the version on the disc instead. So I kinda doubt the trophy error has anything to do with having disc inside.

  10. #420
    Portalcake Guest
    Can the 4.25 to 3.55 PS3UPDAT.PUP be run on OFW 4.21 to downgrade to 3.55?

    Something tells me you can.

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