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  1. #351
    jotham Guest
    plz how to install on ofw 4.11 firmware if it possible

  2. #352
    G Sus Guest
    sorry but at the moment only possible with a hardware flasher to downgrade to 3.55 first

  3. #353
    jotham Guest
    is there a hope to normal upgrade in future

  4. #354
    G Sus Guest
    anything is possible, new information and keys are becoming available every day. its just guess work though really.

    i'd say keep an eye on ps3news. could be any day could be months.

  5. #355
    jotham Guest
    sorry buddy but is there any method to jailbreak my ps3 i get bored from games prices .. i bought it on 3.44 and now 4.11 i've no flasher

  6. #356
    tomthe1st Guest
    Theres always hope !!!

  7. #357
    AdilAliraqe Guest

    Hi Again

    Hi Again

  8. #358
    hakulaku2012 Guest
    please help me... i installed original 3.55 pup then the rogero pup but when its done loading it says that i'm on 3.40! wth am i doing wrong here? crapola!

  9. #359
    G Sus Guest
    wrong pup maybe ? fake download ?

  10. #360
    G Sus Guest
    i can't wait to hear if it fixes the ingame PS button glitch

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