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  1. #341
    Kiprian Guest
    Model FAT CECHK 08. bought in 2009. Will brick? PSN is working on this firmware?

    today is not able to come, asks update installed fix - (Rebug 3.55.2 Update Package 0.7r3)

  2. #342
    BluRay Guest
    Don't install this, Rogero CFW v1.09, the brick-free version is already done. I'll be "beta-testing" it later today and tell you all how it goes.

  3. #343
    G Sus Guest
    thanks and nice one. but if his V4 is still buggy and not ready for release how come V1.09 may be ?

  4. #344
    BluRay Guest
    Rogero himself never called the version v4, It's just a test CFW he made for people to test and one of the testers leaked it and trolled people, calling it brick free.

  5. #345
    Kiprian Guest
    And if you set Rogero_CEX4.21_v1.0 will brick? Just really want to play Journey.

  6. #346
    BluRay Guest
    Dude, there is a VERY high chance of the brick-free version being released either today or tomorrow, so don't risk.

  7. #347
    G Sus Guest
    definitely wait , its not worth a ps3 that you may not find a replacement for.

  8. #348
    padr1no Guest
    Yesterday i install Rogero 4.21 v1 on a ps3 slim cech-2501a, the one that came with uncharted 2, Karate Kid Blu-Ray + Pixel Junk Shooter, this console was hardware downgraded 6 month a go, i follow the steps on the tutorial and it worked. today when i get home i will resign my psn downloads and try MLB 2012.

  9. #349
    BluRay Guest
    Okay, just got my hands on Rogero CFW 4.21 v1.09, 20 mins for the download to end.

  10. #350
    G Sus Guest
    have you got a flasher at the ready just incase BluRay

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