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    Junior Member za3tot's Avatar
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    yeah i think it's the best way... me too i will stick in 3.55 until a better version

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    Rogero is already on V4 so hes obviously working hard. just wait on 3.55 and be patient.

    after all the time you've been on 3.55 a little while longer wont hurt and could save your ps3

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    Just installed Rogero CFW 4.21 v1.0 on my Fat PS3 and works just fine. Tried X-Com, Dishonored and Warfighter, they all worked with no problems. A big thank you to Rogero and anyone else who was involved in the making of this CFW. Keep up the great work guys.

    P.S. I read that the Rogero CFW 4.21 V4 is not the official work of Rogero's. It also went on to say that people with Slim PS3's should be patient and wait for a version that won't brick your PS3.

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    i don't find this new version anywhere

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    Few days I am looking for CFW 4.21 or any other that you do not need to use the Blu Ray disk because my disk is not working and I saw that Rogero ask to use it, any other options?

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    can i get all my games working by deleting the game data utility patches or not?

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    Well i had fresh installs so cant say 100% But if you put the original eboots in and update to the latest version of the game they should work perfect, The games Ive played all have the latest updates unpatched , And work great

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    i deleted all my games completely and reinstalled them from disks, so far i've been lucky and not only did they all work. but the 3 new ones i've bought all backed up to ext. hd and worked first time.

    even dishonoured which i only bought today.

    the game started of a bit naff but once you get used to the weapons system and start to get tooled up, i reckon its probably gonna be an epic game
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    hi you have to install the psn games with the fix . after that you hook your ps3 in the the wifi or lan. open black ftp en ftp program search for eboot and reasign it with 4.21 eboot resigner works perfectly! i reasigned resident evl veronica hd en 4 with it


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