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  1. #321
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i read it's actually not from rogero. so, i think it's a mistranslation and rogero is saying this isn't his version cause he's still working on it.

  2. #322
    wolfrino Guest
    great work

  3. #323
    za3tot Guest
    i think i will downgrade back to 3.55 cfw , it seems that this new cfw is still not stable... I will wait for a stable one 。・・(>_<)・・。

  4. #324
    kientan89 Guest
    Yeah ! I'm now on 4.21 but still waiting for v2 or higher.

  5. #325
    za3tot Guest
    Heeeeeelp, i installed the 4.25 downgrader, so when i want to install rogero's 3.55 cfw 3.7v, it says that i have to install 4.40 or later, when i check the sys. software i find that i'm on 4.21 but still same as if i'm on a cfw still loading games from internal only... someone knows what's hapening ?

  6. #326
    BluRay Guest
    za3tot, this is a glitchy CFW that even it's own developer told people no to install, but instead, wait for a fixed version. So there you go. I'm pretty sure thats a brick that you can't fix without flasher.

  7. #327
    za3tot Guest
    sorry guys i did rinstall rogero's 3.55 cfw and it got installed successfully , i don't know why... which one is glitchy cfw 4.21 or the downgrader one ?

  8. #328
    BluRay Guest
    Perhaps both. Rogero told NOT to download this and people still insisted on downloading this beta CFW. I've already seen people with your problem, but I can't remember if they managed to fix it without a flasher, but I think not.

  9. #329
    za3tot Guest
    yeah i thought i'm really screwed but i was lucky ... sigh

  10. #330
    kyubey Guest
    i will stay in 3.55 because lots of brick report x.x

    *waiting for a better version*

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