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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    timeruller Guest
    all new games with fixes working on dongle CFW so i don't really need come back to Kmeaw or Rogero 3.55 , anyway thanks for the help man.

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    charlie1533pr Guest
    Haven't you checked if any of those games have been updated via 3.55 patch? I've erased all my games data and 3.55 patched updates.

    Updated the games direct from XMB or using the PS3 Game Updates app (fastest way), including the last update no matter what game to update and worked for me. Also I've done a PS3 factory reset, NOT a HDD format. Hope that work for you! Sorry for my English!

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    hakulaku2012 Guest
    Can someone tell me if I install 4.21,4.25 or 4.30 CFW can I play all games that are prior to that firmware without patches? Like just get the game, no fuucking around, just transfer to USB and it'll work?

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    i've done that i actually have 3 ps3s i have a fat on 3.55, i have a fat on 3.40 and i have this slim on this new 4.21 firmware, i just downloaded resident evil amazing spider-man, doa 5 so i can use on this firmware this is first time using this slim console updated it from 3.40 to 3.55 kmeaw then to 4.21 flashed drive installed multiman updated multiman.

    none of the 3 games work asuras wrath and older games do new ones don't seem to load resident evil shoots back to xmb spiderman starts but after move info stays on black screen have to restart and doa gives me the 80010017 error somebody please help me fix this that has new games working did i miss a step

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    za3tot Guest
    what about pes 2013 on 3.55 ?

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    pounou Guest
    It's seems that the staff of Rogero was leaked !

    One user of ps3pirata post and some people confirm the leak. It's cfw 4.21 v4 !

    More stable and without risk of brick as they said ! Wait for more info, rough translation:

    "Hello. A new and better Rogero CFW has been leaked. More stable and won't brick your consoles. Was leaked on and i wanted to share it with all of you. Tested it myself. It works"

    From S4BRE (via Rogero 3.7 v4 "leak"

    There is a story going around that there is a leak V4 that will not brick your systems by Roger... Tortuga Cove has confirmed with Rogero there is no version that is brick proof yet, he is very close...

    If you install this "leak" and brick then it is your own fault. Trolls will be very busy right now.... We will announce here when it is released and safe....

    From Rogero (via Guys.... after another sleepless and a lot of test builds, I say we're getting so close to a better version that will work on all machines including these that have Bricked with V1

    Also about the test4 leak it could be that some tester wanted to share it and it got leaked, PLEASE don't install any test builds even if it was leaked somehow, the leaked link had test build v4, and i am at test build v8 now.

    When i finish all kinds of testings and 200% sure of everything, I may release the new version.... until then please be patient....


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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    If I do this will my CECHE01 brick?

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    imajei Guest


    Dex to cex rogero 3.4 dehash recovery menu 4.21 cex thanks. Oh slim cech 2001b

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    technodon Guest
    new working fix for rogero 4.21 custom firmware this solves the ingame xmb problem. where if you press the ps button the xmb doesnt load so you cant see or sync your trophies in game. all i did was take a few files from dex 4.21.

    to use this go into multiman enable dev_blind access you need to ftp into your console, make a backup of the original vsh folder then replace the files with the one in the download below and reboot the console.

    if you mess up dev_flash you will need to downgrade to 3.55 to reinstall the firmware, i might decide to pack this into a pup later but if you already installed rogero you cant re install it again without downgrading back to 3.55 first because of the updated non patched revoke lists.


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    drew145022 Guest
    i'm about to start my first cfw adventure now

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