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  1. #291
    Crimor Guest
    I'm currently on 4.20, would the 4.25 downgrader work for that or would I have to find a 4.25eu OFW to use it?

  2. #292
    G Sus Guest
    you can't downgrade like that if your on ofw 4.20 you need a hardware flasher to downgrade

  3. #293
    joekrow Guest
    I would like to know if there would be a Jailbreak for those of us who are one OFW 4.1 Ever? Bcos to my understanding about this CFW, You need to be on 3.55 to be able to use this

  4. #294
    G Sus Guest
    your understanding is correct. as for will there ever be a cfw for people above 3.55ofw its all just guess work, i'd say eventually yes there will, soon , then who knows

  5. #295
    james194zt Guest
    I think people need to understand there is no change at the moment with regards to who can use this, if you are on 3.55 then make sure you have run toggle_qa to rehash your SYSCON just to make sure before using this (even if you didn't downgrade). I was on Rogero 3.7 and it worked a treat after using toggle_qa as I had originally downgraded (I always do this after downgrading which I have done on mine several times).

    If you are on 3.6+ and have never been able to run 3.55 because your Playstation is to new, this has not changed overnight and at present you are stuck (model numbers above 2500 and certain 2500 versions).

    If you are on 3.6+ but your PS3 has been on a lower firmware in the past then you will need a flasher (E3, Progskeet) and a downgrade dongle. You then need to downgrade, run toggle_qa, go back to 3.55 OFW and then upgrade to 4.21. Ensure you have quadruple checked your flash dumps BEFORE you doing anything, even use the forums/IRC to get one of the devs to check it if you are unsure.

    That is it! hope it helps as I keep seeing people asking "can i use this" type questions, PS3 wiki has a list of PS3 model numbers that can be downgraded so have a quick look there.

    Hopefully one day the guys with PS3 versions that can not be downgraded will get there wish and get CFW but it is not there yet!

    Hope it helps

  6. #296
    capnemo Guest
    hi, i'm new here and am very novise at ps3. got one console that i fixed (overheated) and the ver is 3.55. so now i only download 4.21 jb and install. thats it? greatful for any help. cheers!

  7. #297
    G Sus Guest
    your safer staying on 3.55 and using all the new eboots that are being released , until a safer 4.21 cfw is available. the current one is causing lots of bricks randomly

    unless you've got a hardware flasher,

  8. #298
    Bowza34 Guest
    Hi. I'm new to this cfw thing. Following it for a while. Unfortunately didn't get around to putting 3.55 on my ps3. Here's my first noob question.

    It's my understanding that these new custom firmwares can be installed on an ofw console? If that's the case then hell yes! I will wait until more tests are done etc. my luck I would get a fancy paperweight! Sorry for the long winded post

  9. #299
    capnemo Guest
    so what is my next step here? install eboots? any guides here? do i have to install 3.55 cfw version? thx

  10. #300
    G Sus Guest
    if your on ofw3.55 look for tutorial on installing kmeaw3.55 its usually the simplest.

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