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  1. #21
    comfaithgenesis Guest
    Also darkmega is the only one so far and he's posted everywhere about that maybe he downgraded before...

  2. #22
    G Sus Guest
    looks like i got to go learn how to dehash, luckily i've got an hour to do it lol

  3. #23
    pinkone Guest
    I just finished installing and everything went fine on my slim, still waiting to try on my old fat nand.

  4. #24
    Sheown Guest
    What model??

  5. #25
    pinkone Guest

  6. #26
    Lando43 Guest
    Does having spoof matter before installing a new CFW? I don't want to remove it because I likley get red screen of death, it can be fixed but it's a hassle.

  7. #27
    Sheown Guest
    OH i think thats the 250gb slim! darn i have 160!! rogero better fix this!!!

  8. #28
    sdlaurin Guest
    thank you very much for this, i'm glad i never updated

  9. #29
    G Sus Guest
    i cant get hold of all the files to dehash, guess i'll just have to take the chance.

  10. #30
    raven2008 Guest
    one quick question does FckPSN work with DEX??

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