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    Been following this since it started and decided that i would take a chance and risk my 3.55 CFW kmeaw ps3 trying 4.21 Rogero CFW and about ten mins ago it was a sucess and is now working great!

    My PS3 is CECH-2103A (came with 3.40 so was never downgreaded, was a out the box right to 3.55 Kmeaw). ive had no problems at all so far but saying that all ive done so far is run MM and try loading Dishonored (which installed fine and is sitting on the title screen as i write this lol).

    What i did:

    1. Remove all my 3.55 games
    2. Boot into recovery mode
    3. installed rogero 4.21
    4. success
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    well done, sometimes a little bravery is rewarding, sometimes its a killer. its the chances we take being cfw users.

    sometimes it pays off , sometimes it dont, thankfully they all come with warnings and we only have ourselves to blame when anything gos wrong.

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    so i can directly install Rogero 4.21 CFW without updating to 4.21 OFW.

    Please, can someone answer me back quickly!!

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    i successfully upgraded to CEX 4.21, but the problem now is that i can't launch games from external... someone has any good idea ? thanks in advance.

    NO, you have to be in 3.55 cfw/ofw... don't upgrade to 4.21 OFW !
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    can any tell me if with this new cfw i can load games from app dir as my bd drive is broken?

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    currently you have to have a disk i the BD as far as i know.

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    damn i will have to wait then, thanks for reply

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    no this is not true you need to install multiman 4.07 and then update to 4.08 and you can play games from app/home i have broken bd drive too and play all new and old games

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    I heard that you need delete the GAME DATA UTILITY info in the ps3. i think is because of the update packages and if is not you can always copy it.

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