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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    niwakun Guest
    I'm still stuck at 3.55 firmware till ReactPSN 2.0 supports 4.21. Until now, reports says that reactpsn still doesnt work on 4.21CFW.

    But word for the PSN access in 4.21. it's your chance to use PSN now and download stuff that requires activation. you will need this to generate your own act.dat, so you will have full support for reactpsn 2.0 later on when it's done.

    To get it done: Just download any free DLC that requires activation, like the Uncharted 2 free DLC.

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    ilovehc Guest
    Hi there, i'm new of the scene and i'm trying to follow all discussion but i've some troubles... i want to get this cfw but i'm not sure about my ps3 attributes.

    so: i've a Ps3 FAT CECHL04 80gb with CFW 3.55 dongle; my only downgrade was from 3.50 to 3.41 for the old Jailbreak;

    do you think i can switch to the new rogero without any risks? (i mean, without QA flag toggle stuff)

    thanks in advance

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    G Sus Guest
    the new 4.21 rogero cfw isnt 100% safe your better off waiting on 3.55 untill a better version is released, or until it is known exactly why so many bricks happened.

    most of the new games have eboots released for them anyway, or eboots shortly about to arrive.

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    kuronodono Guest
    I got access to PSN with Rogero 4.21 by using yet another bypass 1.8.

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    Roaf Guest

    Rogero 3.7CFW about spoofer

    Hello, I'm on Rogero 3.7 CFW with psn acess i can't access to PSN anymore it asks me to update to 4.30 rogero cfw has built in spoofed to 4.25 so i need a spoofer for 4.30, so is there any spoofer i can install on rogero 3.7 ?


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    akimazaki Guest
    i have slim cech2506A... it is have a chance to brick?? information plz

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    G Sus Guest
    all consoles can brick, there is no definitive guide on which ones will or wont. some ar more suseptibe. but none are safe. you better off waiting on 3.55 a little longer

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    BluRay Guest
    2xxx Slims models have a chance of randomly bricking, 25xx Datacode 1A with Min FW Version higher then 3.50 WILL BRICK. Just wait for a safe solution.

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    G Sus Guest
    consoles that have been converted to dex and then reverted to cex are also randomly bricking.

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    romantizma Guest

    Cech-25xx - 0b Downgrade Consol

    Rogero CFW 4.21 On


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