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    i had the same problem with Multimanager on 4.21 cfw, i downloaded new version on pc and the installed over usb and now works fine! i was lucky and update to 4.21 without brick, just wait couple days and then try again, something new will come!

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    installed and working fine on a fat ps3 pal 60 gig with 3.55 kmeah. only the psn games have to be converted to 4.21 with the 4.21 eboot tool.

    Does somebody got resident evil chronicles working on 4.21? I only got to manage darkside chronicles to work. the other one doesn't install hangs up to 10 % with the option to connect with psn to solve the problem. sorry 4 my english
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    Follow the instructions on how to QA Toggle your console , Flash to ofw 3.55 via recovery menu and make sure you checksum your pups , I cant see why it wouldn't work if you read properly

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    i have a ps 3 model CECH-2004A 120 gb. it came with a version under 3.50 maybe under 3.00. is it safe to upgrade? anyone got bricked with this kind of model? thx in advance for the answers

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    I've successfully updated to Rogero 4.21 cfw. Started out on Rebug 3.55.2 What I did:

    1: format hdd (not necessary but mine needed it)
    2: Run rebug QA Flag
    3: Boot into recovery mode , install ofw 3.55
    4: Turn off PS3
    5: Boot into recovery mode
    6: Install Rogero 4.21 cfw and update
    7: Finish and Madden 13 lol

    CECHB01 BC PS3
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    i tried the ps3usercheat. it sends me back to the xmb. do you know what seems to be the problem with this?


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    how do i make a nor/nand dump using multiman have searched google all i ever get is to do with rogero and saying to make it no tutorial can some please help thank you

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    Create a dump of your NOR/NAND (use multiMAN to create a .NORBIN/.NANDBIN file - USB connected as /dev_usb000 required)

    To dump flash: mmOS->Select any file->Open in HEX viewer->[SELECT]->[START]->DUMP LV2(NO)->DUMP LV1(NO)->DUMP FLASH(YES)

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    what is the best file to open, i opened sega rally and a file called ps3_disc.sfb but got an error when going through sectors

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    Can someone remind me how to QA flag my console?



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