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  1. #11
    Hernaner28 Guest
    OH.. god .. this is cool.

    I'd say that we should still wait for testers even if it's from Rogero.

  2. #12
    Lando43 Guest
    sounds like first brick of many to come...

  3. #13
    G Sus Guest
    i'm just glad i got a spare cex system to try it on, id hate to go weeks without a ps3 again, i had to actually talk to my misses the last time, it was 2 weeks of hell

  4. #14
    BluRay Guest
    Someone bricked his PS3 trying to install this CFW... I recomend only people with flasher to give it a go.

  5. #15
    Sostanco Guest
    just like wankioko v1 must be tried on different model, prob rogero try it a phat with nand or a slim who know

  6. #16
    G Sus Guest
    nothing ever gos nice and easy does it

  7. #17
    Sheown Guest
    Phew!!! I was just about to install... Its a good thing i waited for some people to check it out first... But the wired thing is Rogero never failed us berfore! I was so excited. What a buzzkill.

  8. #18
    G Sus Guest
    my slow download may have just saved me a ps3 lol

    i'm still going to try it though. i've got a dex system anyway lol

  9. #19
    Sheown Guest
    Mine downloaded really fast and it was about to install about i cancelled in the knick of time!!

  10. #20
    BluRay Guest
    Rogero only tested it on his model, as far as I know, thats not enough to know if it will be 100% compatible with all the other models. Anyway, he's a trusted developer, If there is something wrong, I'm pretty sure he will fix it soon.

    Btw, from Rogero: ATTENTION: This CFW doesn't have LV1 checks disabled and can't be installed on Downgraded PS3 consoles unless you have Dehashed/Reset Syscon Properly

    Would be nice if someone could edit first post to show this.

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