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  1. #171
    Tsubasa Guest
    Help please: I still have 3.41. It means that, for me, is simple as downloading the .pup and install?

    Thx in advance

    Sorry for the dumb question but i've been away from the scene for a long time due to work

  2. #172
    ConsoleDev Guest

    Video: How to Dump PS Vita Games via PS3 CFW 4.21 Tutorial

    Below is a video tutorial from GameBlamer on YouTube demonstrating how to dump PS Vita games via the recently released PS3 CFW 4.21.

    It has not been confirmed yet and I am not the uploader, I just found it randomly so consider it a proof-of-concept if it ends up working or an 'entertainment purposes only' video if not.

    The video is partly in English and part in German, and although it can be followed if anyone wishes to translate the German parts to English or make a new video let us know and we will update this article with it... those interested can check it out below!

    Finally, from wololo on the above video to quote: Backing up Vita games using the new 4.21 CFW by Rogero

    Have you ever worried about Sony’s financial situation, and what would happen to your hard earned Cash if they were to close? I certainly have.

    For a long while now Sony have not been in the best financial state and could possibly face bankruptcy in the future. If this were to happen, then their servers would go down, meaning that there would be no more PSN/SEN, subsequently all of your purchased media would just vanish into thin air.

    However, this is no longer an issue! (At least for those who own a Playstation 3). With the release of the LV0 keys, and CFW on 4.21, if you were lucky and updating didn’t brick your console, then this is for you. For those of you who do not have 4.21 at present, fear not! There are apparently multiple people working on getting CFW on 4.25 and even 4.30 (and considering they have the LV0 keys, that probably won’t take too long).

    Be advised however. I have not tested this since I am still on 3.55, but the person who posted this is rather reliable from my own personal experience.

    If any of you are able to test this then please let us know! If not, sit tight – it won’t be long!

    Please be advised that this video is mostly in German, but it’s easy enough to follow.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  3. #173
    opertinicy Guest
    got borderlands 2 running off of usb hdd! working like a charm with this new cfw

  4. #174
    geoman19 Guest
    Wish I didn't update my PS3, & wasn't scared to open it up to downgrade it. But whatever.

  5. #175
    iavais Guest
    will keamew release his custom firmware ? and although being able to play new games is very tempting i will hold off for a while. i personally love my 3.55 Keamew.

  6. #176
    G Sus Guest
    definitely hold out until it is worked out why the bricks are occurring, a better cfw will be released.

    whether by rogero or kmeaw, chances are there will be loads that spring up, so wait until you've had good confirmation for a few days before updating

    chances are they all working on 4.30 no point working on 4.25 when sony already announced 4.30

  7. #177
    djib Guest
    can i install cfw 4.21 in my ps3 serial cech 2501A ? thanks

  8. #178
    charlie1533pr Guest
    Downgraded from 4.21 Dex to 3.55 Kmeaw/QA flag. Installed Rogero 4.21CFW from XMB with no problems. Played my original 2K13, made a backup with MM 4.07..perfect psn. Also played my 3D movies that can't be viewed with the 3.55fw.

    Thanks to those developers that make us... VERY HAPPY!!!

  9. #179
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Yeah but why are you so worried about a new CFW? Let give them time to do the real 4.30 CFW. Rogero just saved many people but his CFW is clearly not good, just a first version.

    Meanwhile I guess new EBOOT patches is enough, e.g. Resident Evil 6 EBOOT and AC III EBOOT fix for next week will keep us entertained until the CFW 4.30 comes out. But why haven't we got EBOOTs yet? Doesn't DUPLEX have the tools to do so already?

  10. #180
    G Sus Guest
    at the moment i'd say the safest bet is no. not until the bricking is worked out, your safer waiting on 3.55

    yep stick to the new eboots and stay on 3.55

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