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  1. #1691
    VetonJashari Guest
    is this jailbreaked ?

  2. #1692
    tsotumo Guest

    PS3 Blue Ray problem

    Hello all,

    I have installed Rogero 4.46V1.00 on my PS3 (CFW 3.55) without a problem. The problem came after. My Blu-Ray icon don't show up in XMB. Why? To get may blu-ray back i have to shutdown my ps3 several times. Without the blue ray icon in XMB i can access to multiman but i can not run any game (black screen when loading games).

    After several shutdowns my blu ray icon appears in XMB. Anyone with the same problem? Sorry about my english. Cheers.

  3. #1693
    echoes4ever Guest

    Question The RSOD

    I have a OFW 4.41 with RSOD it goes all the way to xmb and then bang ! red screen. is there a way to solve it with maybe rogero cfw 4.46 v1 or any other CFW ??

    ps. it was working fine with my CFW untill this stupid guy here decided to install OFW

    I'm in Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

  4. #1694
    sohail579 Guest
    i'm currently on ErmaC 4.30 CFW how can i update to this? can any one point me in the right direction?

  5. #1695
    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Just update to rogero cfw 4.46 version 1.0 through recovery mode

  6. #1696
    drphuz Guest
    You can't software downgrade anymore since you went ofw. Your only hope is a flasher at this point.

    tsotuma try to install rebug lite 4.46. It should make the problem go away.

    sohail579 you should easily be able to update to any cfw over 4.30 ermac.. try habib.

  7. #1697
    sohail579 Guest
    Thanks but why habib over Rogero? whats the difference from what i have been reading rogero is the best or is that just opinion? and to install habib do i just boot into restore mode and install it from there over my current firmware?

  8. #1698
    Absolutezz Guest

    Rogero CEX 4.46 v1.01 PS3 CFW with Toolbox help?

    After I downloaded the CFW, the usually "Playstation 3" option went back became /app_home/PS3_GAME/. Everytime I highlight it, it become Toolbox. My problem is, even after I chose a game in Multiman; it's still become the Toolbox. Please help/

    After I installed Rogero CEX 4.46 v1.01 PS3 CFW with Toolbox for StealthMan Out, the usually PlayStation 3 logo suddenly went back became /app_home/PS3_GAME. Everytime I highlight it, it become toolbox.

    The problem is even after I chose a game in Multiman, the "/app_home/PS3_GAME" logo still become toolbox. Reinstalling the Firmware didn't help to solve this problem.

    Sorry if my grammar is bad, I'm kinda new to English.

  9. #1699
    ajaen Guest

    PS3 4.46 Firmware online help?

    I want to get online with ps3 4.46 rogero v1.01 but when signing on to PSN it is asking for an update.

  10. #1700
    AK74U Guest
    Use YAB (Yet another bypass 1.8) that bypass the update, remember theres a risk of system ban, use PSNope to temporary patch your cfw syscalls that way you will lower the risk significantly.

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