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  1. #161
    XBINX Cyro Guest
    You still got one more shot, the E3 is not too difficult. If you are comfortable taking your ps3 apart completely then you should not have problems. Depending if your PS3 has NAND or NOR you will have to determine this yourself... soldering is not required for the NOR flashing as there is a device that hugs the chip. as for the usb device I am not sure how it works i believe it has some of their own code that allows you to actually do the downgrade.

  2. #162
    G Sus Guest
    i'm so glad i was lucky and i hope they find the exact cause of the bricks, i installed from xmb and i had a version spoofer installed and active. so i've been extremely lucky,

    i also installed straight over kmeaw, it would appear i did everything wrong, and hit lucky,

  3. #163
    JimmyLuong Guest
    Alright, I watched a few tutorials. It seems to be manageable. I have had experience with taking apart my PC and building PC of my own, is not much but I suppose we all need somewhere to start.

  4. #164
    G Sus Guest
    i've bricked a console too, it feels awful, sorry yours went. i was lucky last time too cos it was only semi brick and was rescuable with an e3. 2 weeks with no ps3 was a nightmare though. hope you manage to get a flasher sorted and rescue yours

  5. #165
    Jaws3288 Guest
    I must have gotten extremely lucky myself. I flashed it from Kmeaw 3.55 in the XMB and forgot I had a 4.25 spoofer installed and active. Hence why I'm currently running CFW 4.21 and reading 4.25. If I uninstall the spoofer will it deactivate it?

  6. #166
    G Sus Guest
    i just deleted the spoofer and didn't uninstall or deactivate, i didn't dare touch it after reading about the bricks, since 4.21 was working i just didn't want to mess with it much.

    i wonder how many bricks have been from a kmeaw xmb install

  7. #167
    yiannisb Guest
    i will stay on 3.55 for some days to see the the problems with rogero cfw

  8. #168
    Jaws3288 Guest
    I'll do just that. I'm just hoping there will be a release of an updated pkg and I'll be able to deactivate and uninstall. If there's an update to Rogero's CFW whether it be 4.25 or 4.3 or whatever, I don't want that to be a cause of my bricking. Regardless, it's my fault for jumping the gun without double checking everything.

  9. #169
    G Sus Guest
    i darent drop down to 3.55 again cos i don't know hiow it would affect the spoofer that i left activated and just deleted. i'm assuming it will be dead cos theres an inbuilt spoofer in the fw

    i assume that the install of the cfw wrote over the files the spoofer was using anyway, and if not i think it was rogeros spoofer i was using anyway, so probably same files, i've no idea really, just glad i was lucky

  10. #170
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Yeah, me too. I'll wait for new 3.55 fixes which should be here right now, I don't know why DUPLEX haven't still shown up. They have disappointed me.

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