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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    kahlo08 Guest
    Hi, I am a newbie when it comes to jailbreak a ps3. I have downloaded this CFW in my USB key and it detected it with the CFW in my super slim 4k. After reading User Agreement, I see that it says that it's unauthorized to install software or put hardware that will make me have cracked games.

    But I think it's saying that as default. Then I read that there is Stealthman, Toolbox and mutliman stuff. What do they do? And will I be to install a software in this CFW that will make me have free games? Help me quick pl0x! Thanks!

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    jackieboy8 Guest

    Post Rogero CFW 4.46 1.01 First Help Guide

    Because of the release of GTA V and next week FIFA 2014 it's good to get you PS3 updated to the latest CFW. Since Rebug has a REX version which most ppl don't want or really need they also made a Lite. Which I am not really a fan of since it changes pictograms of the XMB.

    So the next Stablest CFW is the Latest rogero cfw. There are really a couple versions from this CFW but I will give you the most important ones.

    I personally use this one: it's the PS3UPDAT_Rogero_CEX_4.46_v1.01_BD_BT_Updates_Enabl ed.pup

    It is the Official Rogero CFW 4.46 1.01 BUT only for ppl with a working Blu-Ray drive and working bluetooth (so when you have the availability to use you joystick wireless your BT is working) This one updates the Firmware from those two to latest version. (And I like that)

    If yours doesn't work just take this one: That is the one that doesn't check for your BD Drive and BT.

    So after that it's good to have the Rebug Toolkit: to make sure you're Toggle QA is enabled. And you can backup your Flash to file.

    Now, only play using PSN Tool 1.0: (Read the manual included)

    Because PSN ban risk is high. I recommend the Stealth version of every Homebrew app. Most importantly: Multiman. And probably: Wipe History that changes a file in your system so when Sony Checks that file, it doesn't contain any Homebrew app or games anymore.

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    kriss13 Guest
    Any good/improvements installing Bluetooth and BR drive firmwares?

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    Ozz465 Guest
    Anyone have a link to the latest Multiman?

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    Apr 2005


    Here is the latest v04.46.04 and here is v04.46.02 and v04.46.03 as well.

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    mosstalaat Guest
    when this one complete to 70 percent it occurred.

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    syuz008 Guest

    psn games not working after updating to rogero cfw 4.46

    i recently updated to rogero cfw 4.46 v1 from kmeaw 3.55. i had some psn games like re5, limbo, trine, plants vs zombies, graw2 & re4 which are not working now. how do i fix them?

    a step by step guide would be helpful.

    thank you.

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    Vorlone Guest
    Hy syuz008,

    You need the orginal EBOOT.BIN for some Games. New Games must be patched for using on a CFW 3.55. Under a newer CFW normally you become an Error Code and the PS3 go back to XMB.

    If you have CFW 4.46 you don't need any patch, only a crack patch or the RAP files installed.

    Hope can help

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    abdumka Guest
    Can a super slim 4k ps4 be loaded with CFW ? how ?

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    marvinx Guest
    Multiman is the launcher for launching the games, it also adds tools for copying files to your hd via ftp etc

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