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  1. #1671
    niwakun Guest
    all CFW are the same thing except on some XMB modifications, which is doesn't matter anyway when it comes on homebrews and game backups.

  2. #1672
    candan Guest

    Rogero 4.46 v1.01 and Multiman 4.46.03 error message for game updates

    Hi All,

    I have 2 PS3 with the same Rogero 4.46 v1.01 and the latest MM 04.46.03.

    When I try to update a game within MM, it finds the update. When I go to d/l it, I get this error message on ONE of the machines.

    "Please attach USB storage device to save update data and try again!" This happens on all games, regardless of whether it's installed internal / external or game disc.

    Doesn't matter if I do exactly what it says or not. It won't go any further. Any suggestions? The other machine works fine for updates...

    Don't get it...


  3. #1673
    TrustY Guest
    I had the same problem with rogero 4.46 so I went back to rogero 4.40 and the problem was gone. My ps3 is banned so really no reason for me to update anyways.

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  4. #1674
    Artxx Guest

    Question Question on Rogero 4.41 v1.0 updating to Rogero 4.46

    Hello, basically i wanted to update my ps3 cfw i am on Rogero 4.41 v1.0 but is it fine to update over cfw, i haven't done this in a while since new games are coming out and required the 4,46 fw i need to update or is it best to not to because since there's a few stables cfw so what would you all suggest to do? the best alternative ?

    also once i update can i revert back to some other cfw like if i am not satisfied can i revert back to Rogero 4.41 or i have to use a flasher to get back to stock and re do the whole process again.

  5. #1675
    niwakun Guest
    yes you can do that via recovery menu without a flasher (its much dangerous to do things via flasher, even in downgrading process, that's why a good NAND/NOR backup is necessary before doing anything on flash) but I dont see reason why you need to downgrade (except if you want some homebrews that only works on certain firmware version) specially if you use your PS3 mainly for backups

  6. #1676
    nikoslykos Guest
    I have rogero 4.41 now.to install this i just enter recovery mode and install it?

  7. #1677
    akimazaki Guest
    yes... also you can update via xmb menu with system update...

  8. #1678
    muskanstha Guest
    I formatted my system but it got interrupted due to power failure and the ps3 asks for a software update file? My ps3 was jailbreaked and was running rogero cfw earlier. Thanks

    Can i use this file as a update without risks?

  9. #1679
    akimazaki Guest
    You need to update with recovery menu... try that.. your ps3 already jailbreak

  10. #1680
    wameedyousif Guest

    Roll Eyes

    thanks to you

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