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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    JimmyLuong Guest
    Well I suppose I cause this to myself by my stupidity so I would like to take responsibility for it. Can anyone tell me how to get a flasher?

    Actually I found out I have a flasher and a micro SD card. How do I continue from here ?

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    were you spoofed when you installed this? you shouldn't have installed this considering you didn't/couldn't go to recovery mode. these aren't legos, you have to follow directions and even then, it's not always gonna work and if you mess up, you can't exactly start over easily.

    i can't exactly talk cause i've bricked a console before, but i learned from it.

    cosoledev, is scetools useable on firmwares higher than 3.6? i checked the keys button and it only went up to 3.6, not 4.21/4.25. i haven't tested the game yet just out of laziness. i haven't turned on my console today. i don't exactly get what lv0, lv1, etc. is exactly, but i know that's where keys are possibly. so, thanks for any help provided.

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    JimmyLuong Guest
    I'm frantically searching at the same time right now. I know it was a stupid move from my part, but is not like i can reload from my last saves in life. I'm hoping that maybe some of you would be kind enough to help a stupid fellow who bring trouble upon himself.

    My PS3 has a 4.11 spoofer installed but not activated. I have a T-Flash usb driver and a micro SD. Are these of any help?

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    butt4r Guest
    I m on CFW 3.55.. downloaded Rogero CFW 4.21 but wanted to know will my 3.55 backups work on this... and is Resident Evil 6 Duplex Playable on this...

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    spoofer bricked it probably then. it said in the instructions to remove spoofers and go back to 3.55 base/official firmware.

    can you solder? you need soldering skills or know someone who has them to install a flasher in your ps3. that's pretty much the only way to save it at this point.

    a lot of links have been pulled cause this has bricked too many consoles and rogero is working on fixing it

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    JimmyLuong Guest
    I know some guy who are electric engineer but I'm not quite sure if they will be able to help on this, is soldering PS3 very hard? can I try to learn it?. So what I need to do now is to install a flasher on my ps3?

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    pretty much. just know this, if you mess up soldering, that's pretty much as far as i know. i don't think it's something you can just kinda do or figure out easily. well, hopefully you learned from this

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    PS3fan35 Guest
    It's suspected that whether you brick or not has to do with your console base firmware and it's been recommended that you should not install this CFW if your console base firmware is 3.50 or above.

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    XBINX Cyro Guest
    Sadly enough, after all this reading you will need an E3 or a downgrade device if you are on OFW 4.25. A new exploit is needed to launch an Update. Whats even more sad is the fact you can go buy a 3.55 ps3 somewhere online for the price of those flashers.

    Getting a new ps3 is a better choice making it less of a hassle for for people who don't know what the eff they're doing when they go to install these things, either damaging there consoles or having a device not work properly.

    I'm sure a new exploit will be released its a matter of time.. the news we have is great for a future standpoint but we still need the in betweens.

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    JimmyLuong Guest
    Ok so I got 1 last shot at this. I guess is probably difficult but not impossible right? I have had my PS3 CFW installed by someone else so I never knew what is it and it was a long long time ago. I suppose all that left is now to embark on a journey of discovery in order to fix my ps3. I just hope that my mistake would at least help someone else not doing the same stupid decision.

    So case in point, I have been reading around and they talk about this E3 thingy. Can i replace some of those things with what i have? or do I have to buy it from them? Also would you happen to know something on soldering perhaps a few tutorial (there are some on youtube)?

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