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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    nixion Guest
    can i'm installing on ofw4.41?

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    Azrial Guest
    You can't install CFW over OFW 4.41, you would need a flasher to put your PS3 back onto OFW 3.55 first, as long as your console can go back to 3.55 that is, check what the original firmware it came with first.

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    MateoGodlike Guest
    He would need to check his miniVERChk. Also You will NOT have to go all the way back to 3.55 (waste of time plus 3.55 is old news). With a flasher as long as its updated with the samsung bios (that means for multiple devices) you don't even need to go into FSM you can simply install it from XMB Settings>Software Update from USB.

    I have done it with two slim units works perfect with Rogero 4.40 v1.03.

    Place on USB. Software update from USB. LITE firmware features very similar to what Rogero has done. It is all about PREFERENCE.

    Keep this thread ON TOPIC, Rogero ONLY here! -Staff

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    Apr 2005

    Exclamation PS3 CFW Rogero 4.41 v1 / Rogero 4.41 v1.02 CFW Fake Notice

    Below is a notice from Rogero that the PS3 CFW Rogero 4.41 v1 / Rogero 4.41 v1.02 CFW that is floating around is fake and should not be installed for those wondering:

    Attention Please: Some of you already know that a version of my CFW4.41 was leaked on IRC by accident from some days, that was not a big deal and it was not out yet because I wanted some close friends to test it well as usual before going public.

    But now, I just came across some google links posting a Rogero CFW4.41 v1.02 which I never built myself, I didn't download it and never checked it too myself. These links are in no way official and I don't really know what PUP they are linking to, it may be a modified version of my leaked PUP, I don't know and I won't check it.

    The version that was leaked is 4.40 v1.00 and not v1.02, there was only one PUP built which is version 1.00 and it didn't have any known problems at all and there was no need to have another version.

    Now that it was leaked and there is now some other versions claiming to be Rogero CFWs too, I will release my PUP in a short while along with the new Dump Auto Patcher v0.05 with 4.41 patches.

    As usual the MD5 for the official version will be posted with the PUP soon so you know you are getting the correct version.
    • 041DE13551617E23DCF997B65771E5E0: Leaked v1.00.
    • F8EDBF7B45180F823F4298B388ECFB9B: Full PKG version currently.

    From haz367: The real PUP and it's info, thx to Baileyscream for posting:

    File: PS3UPDAT_Rogero_CFW_4.41_v1.00.PUP
    • CRC-32: bca07edd
    • MD4: 1bc45c650aae5dba2d96db37e70c4604
    • MD5: 041de13551617e23dcf997b65771e5e0
    • SHA-1: 488c4159afa6e3232c8bfa3ac80d22de9ef7747e

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    UltraVision Guest
    hi guys, does anyone know if cfw 4.41 can be installed on a ps3 super slim 500gb? thanks

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    windrider42 Guest
    Thats not the correct MD5 for Rogero CFW 4.41 v1

    As stated he will release the MD5 when he does release that CFW Officially.

    Quote Originally Posted by UltraVision View Post
    hi guys, does anyone know if cfw 4.41 can be installed on a ps3 super slim 500gb? thanks
    Stated many times. Sorry NO.

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    kid33142 Guest
    hi guys were can I get install packs for 4.21 ps3.. And how to install?

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    Yrathore Guest
    Guys i have some issue plz clear it I found some antidote games link eg: Dead_Island_Riptide_PS3-ANTiDOTE and many one can i play that game in rogero 4.21 version, please clear my issue.

    thanks in advance

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    Blyzzard26 Guest
    Any time I try to update Saints Row The Third to 1.04 my cfw reboots all games to the XMB until I reinstall Rogero. Does that update mess up Rogero or does any one else have this problem/know a fix? Thank you for your responses in advance.

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    gamer101 Guest

    Exclamation PS3 rogero playing 480p/576p resolution, Not playing 720p


    I am running rogero 4.30 with multiman 4.18 ver on my PS3 Slim. My tv is 1080p enabled. HDMI cable works perfectly fine.

    The problem is that some games display only 576p or 480p. For example smackdown vs raw 2008 played directly with disc or copied to external HDD display only 480p. The same problem is with prototype 2 / Hitman absolution, game runs on 576p through disc or even the backup.

    Although GOW:Ascension or fifa '12 or uncharted 2 works perfectly 720p/1080p. What could be the problem? Looking for help.

    Thanks & regards.

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