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  1. #1531
    Rac3rX Guest
    THANK YOU!!! For Saving my PS3 from SGK BSOD when nothing else worked, Rogero saved my PS3

  2. #1532
    ramey151 Guest
    you need to update the ps3 to the newest mutiman the old one dont work with newer rogero

  3. #1533
    Rac3rX Guest
    Is Multiman 4.30 good for Rogero?

  4. #1534
    Yrathore Guest
    Yes.. multiman 4.30 will work for Rogero

  5. #1535
    caspers513 Guest
    my psn game doesn't work, how do i fix that? any help...

  6. #1536
    xakmad Guest

    Thumbs Up

    took me ages to get this after MUCH searching, i still had to work it out myself... move PSN games from internal HDD0 drive 'Game' folder, e.g. 'hdd0:/game' to an external drive in a folder called 'GAMEI', e.g. 'USB0:/GAMEI'

    use multiman for this, and only move PSN game. I haven't the drive in front of me, but am sure they start with NP or something
    anyway avoid moving BLES BLUS folders from hdd0/game, they are savegame data and trophys i think.

    when they were moved, the Game in XMB are all grey controller icons. i found i already have an OLD version of gamedata (it has a USB icon beside it) but i downloaded the latest form the download column (far right) in multiman, and installed that package in the usual way.

    so after it is installed, i ran gamedata and after a 'reboot' all the grey icons turned to the proper game icons in XMB and i can play what i any PSN from the external drive (the game folder earlier)

    i've seen MANY guides all about making extra folders, or running this gamedata usb icon BEFORE installing some games, but if you already have them installed already, this is best.

    for new PSN games, reboot to get the 'grey icons' back, install the game, (it'll be to only colour/animated one), then go to multiman, move it to external, it'll go grey like the others until gamedata is run to get them all back (ie it re-directs the icons lookup to the external)

    hope that helps, the phrases might be a bit... 'off' so PM if you need more help

  7. #1537
    Yrathore Guest
    Guys. I have a question please help me. I want to play online in My PS3 but when I am trying to Play game there one pop up come and asking me that i should upgrade version 1.05 or 1.06.. what should i do now..

    I have Rogero CEX Current version

  8. #1538
    akimazaki Guest
    that no problem... it game update for game you want to play... just update it... i think now you use 4.40cfw right..

  9. #1539
    Yrathore Guest
    yes i am using CFW4.40 btw are u sure that there will be no problem with my ps3, i dont want to be banned.

  10. #1540
    akimazaki Guest
    ban is own risk.. but update game need because when online.. now you use latest 4.40 cfw same with 4.40 ofw...

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