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  1. #141
    G Sus Guest
    thanks for the information correction, i'm outdated and was only going from what i'd heard last night.

    looking forward to a fixed cfw, and hope there hasn't been too many bricks

  2. #142
    johnwrnd Guest
    Somehow i don't get it... this is a CFW and yet we Need to be on 3.55??? why is that??? if you can upgrade like OFW why do you Need to be on 3.55? i'm on 3.56 and never downgraded... what would happen if i upgrade to this CFW?

  3. #143
    G Sus Guest
    i honestly have no idea, i wouldn't advise trying it until you've checked with someone else. i doubt it would work and worse still could brick your ps3.

    time to go watch a few dvds, didn't dare hire blurays in case they wont play again like the dictator.

    sometimes taking a step backwards is the right direction. lol

  4. #144
    JOshISPoser Guest
    anyone have scetools or ps3tools updated with these keys until a brickfree 4.25 comes out?

    if i understand correctly, you need to be on 3.55 cause it's the last firmware with something unpatched that allows cfw to be installed. 3.56 and above have some sort of check in it that hasn't exactly been exploited yet.

    i guess the best advice right now would be to stay away from this firmware unless you have a flasher cause this seems to be bricking as many as wanikoko and there's a fix in the works.

  5. #145
    solidtudor Guest
    I am on 4.25 Official, how do I install this without a downgrade dongle? Do I need to be on 3.55 to flash with the new CFW?

  6. #146
    ConsoleDev Guest
    JOshISPoser you can use this one that is PS3 SCETool v0.2.9 with Keys for LV0 already included: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...ates-incoming/

  7. #147
    BluRay Guest
    solidtudor, read the freaking thread. YOU CAN'T INSTALL THIS UNLESS YOU ARE ON 3.55 FW. You can't get back to 3.55 without a flasher.

  8. #148
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i'm wondering if this is causing bricks cause people aren't reading it.

    there's only one dude that i can look up to that has gotten a brick. for everyone else, they could have a spoofer or something installed. judging by the questions, people aren't reading past the title...

    oh, and thanks for the tools. i should be able to patch the game i've been waiting to play a while.

  9. #149
    JimmyLuong Guest
    Hello everyone, I just tried the upgrade and got bricked. My PS3 now turn on but give no signal. I had a CFW 3.55 ( not sure which one) so I tried to install this through XMB. I know it was stupid but I wasn't able to access the recovery mode for some reason.

    Any advice on how to proceed?

  10. #150
    BluRay Guest
    JOshISPoser it's been confirmed, even by Rogero himself, that It can occur bricks even when you do everything right.

    Dongles won't work, so you can't get into FSM. Your only solution is flasher, which can be quite challenging for inexperienced people and are quite expensive.

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