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  1. #1471
    jensen76 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by NarkotixAgent View Post
    I have firmware version 3.74 can i just use the upgrade feature and update via usb?
    And how as you need to be on 3.55? and there is no cfw 3.74. This CFW can be installed fine from XMB Update over OFW3.55 or any CFW ver: 3.55/4.21/4.30/4.40


  2. #1472
    sai9491239162 Guest
    i have a ps3 slim model now it is on rogero 4.31 i want to update it to 4.40 rogero plz help me

  3. #1473
    Netzhaut Guest
    here is an uploaded mirror


  4. #1474
    akimazaki Guest
    this cfw now been fix by rogero.. wait for new fix

  5. #1475
    mschumacher69 Guest
    Haha here we go again, Rogero has removed the links to his new 4.40 CFW v1.02 because it's having problems with reactPSN! Let's see how many versions he's going to release this time before it becomes stable.

    I advise everyone not to install for now until we're 100% sure that it's reliable and stable or until Rebug release their 4.40 CFW!

  6. #1476
    mahidi Guest
    can banned consoles go online with this cfw??

  7. #1477
    seeman Guest
    can i just update from the old rogero?

  8. #1478
    NTA Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by mahidi View Post
    can banned consoles go online with this cfw??
    This is what the unban tool is for.

  9. #1479
    mahidi Guest
    unban tools are useless

  10. #1480
    NTA Guest
    oh ok. that pretty much means you're SOL then

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