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  1. #1451
    dispo4 Guest
    Yes, it's working with my rogero 4.30 v2.05, but it seem's rogero is working on a proper full CFW 4.40, then maybe you can wait to avoid unban with this spoofer

  2. #1452
    echoes4ever Guest
    Thanks for your reply dispo4 !!!

  3. #1453
    liamdonnelly Guest

    How do I play games off the external hdd on rogero 4.31?

    I have 2 games that I want to play (I just got my ps3 jailbreaked). I want to play grand theft auto which is 18gb, and bioshock infinite which is 7gb or 6. I've created a game folder on my external hard drive and put it in the ps3. Now what do I do ? I'm completely new to this sorry guys.

  4. #1454
    Azrial Guest
    Install MultiMAN, and that will find the games on your external, push X to load them, then when MulitMAN closes, just go to your Blu Ray Disk game icon, and it will display the game you selected, push X to load it like you would a normal game.

  5. #1455
    liamdonnelly Guest
    Nearly worked. When I start the bioshock game I get this error: "There has been a disc read error. The game cannot continue. Please quit and restart"

  6. #1456
    Azrial Guest
    Have you got a proper game disk in the drive? A lot of games need one.

  7. #1457
    jaiter Guest

    how to get rogero 4.31 to install pkg's

    I had rogero 4.31 cfw install for sometime now worked great! I just put in another hard drive to play more games and now nothing is there. Is there a way to install multiman and other pkg's?

  8. #1458
    guardianx71 Guest
    Rogero 4.30 v2.5 has the original install pkg feature. If you installed an earlier version , you should just install this over your present firmware. No need to downgrade or anything

  9. #1459
    jaiter Guest
    do you mean rogero cfw 4.30 v2.05?

  10. #1460
    guardianx71 Guest
    Yeah. Forgot the 0. I'm assuming you had a version earlier than 2.03 , since even there you could install pkg from app_home/PS3_GAME if you clicked it without having run multiman and loaded a backup

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