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  1. #1441
    Azrial Guest
    Same thing here, just checked, and 4.40 update now required, updated my official PS3, can't see what the upgrade did, but can't get online with my Rebug PS3, unless there's a spoofer out that will get past it?

  2. #1442
    windrider42 Guest
    Wait a few days as with any new OFW updates. Takes time for Devs to check it out and come up with new CFW or spoofers if possible.

  3. #1443
    joekrow Guest
    Thanks for your responds and I do appreciate that much thank you

  4. #1444
    xSTAZ Guest

    lastGAME + Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.05 ?

    Anyone else got problems with lastGAME on Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.05, when I try it, it just starts and 2s later its back in XMB.. Doesnt work at all? or Need some other version?

    Thx for the help!

  5. #1445
    jensen76 Guest
    thats also the ide with lastgame.. it is just mounting the game for you. you still need to start it from pa3 disc...

  6. #1446
    jmas Guest
    what was the lastest update on rogero, was it 2.05?

  7. #1447
    jensen76 Guest
    yes Rogero 2.05 is the latest

  8. #1448
    echoes4ever Guest
    Any news for Rogero 4.30 spoof or anything like it ?? I just lost my netflix access

  9. #1449
    Azrial Guest
    You can use the Rebug 4.40 spoof, it works on Rogero too I believe.

  10. #1450
    echoes4ever Guest
    Hi !! that's sounds great.. can anyone confirm this please? if this rebug 4.40 spoof works on rogero 4.30 ? Much Apprecciated.

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