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    I don't know about this, since it's not supported in my region,but i played so many games online & nothing happened, maybe its not my
    time yet.

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    Playing online for a about a month now. Nothing happened... I think its safe. I am using the stealth Multiman.

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    Mar 2007
    i been on the store and got online pass.. still ain't nothing happened just played ghost econ future soldier... but wont try blops 2... all good so far

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    Feb 2013
    noob here who only recently bought a ps3. i have ofw 4.31, is it possible to install rogero 4.30?

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    i have ps3 phat 60gb i looking for cfw. my ps3 has ofw 4.31

    any help would be nice thanks.

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    You need to downgrade back with flasher to 3.55.. and then you can use cfw what you like.. rogero 4.30cfw can and 3.55 cfw if you want stay on that

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    Jan 2013
    Gonna try the upgrade to 4.x which it better Rogero or Rebug? and can I go back to kemeaw 3.55 if I want to?

    Well I just went for it one question though after you upgrade to 4.30 do you run the QA Tool package again just incase you want to downgrade? I did it when I was on 3.55 already.


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    I have been on Rogero for 3 month now and so far i haven't had any problem with any games or anything else, doesn't even need to patch the games, Multiman does that for me

    I have seen a lot of people show how to downgrade from Rogero to 3.55 easily and there is many easy tutorials too so give the Rogero a try is my advice.

    Anyway when you are on Rogero and if you have done everything right then i don't think you will go back. Good luck!

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    Jan 2013
    Thanks kalaner so far so good like you mentioned there doesnt seem to be a reason to go back to 3.55. With Rogero can I go online through PSN or is that still a no go I dont want to play online I just want to see what is on PSN from time to time?

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    Ps3 Superslim v4.21 ?

    Hey guys I would like to know if this works on superslim CECH-4003C v4.21?


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