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  1. #131
    G Sus Guest
    i'll wait but thanks anyway technodon. the glitch isnt as important as not having install packages menu lol. if hold the ps button in youy can quit game from there anyway, and as you say there will be an improved cfw released soon enough, rogero released what he did to save us all from falling for that crap.

  2. #132
    flaviud Guest
    and i have to install first ofw 3.55. but where can i find this version? a link please. thx

  3. #133
    G Sus Guest
    i didn't, i installed straight over kmeaw 3.55

  4. #134
    flaviud Guest
    what model do you have? everybody said it's safer to install first ofw 3.55. i have an older ps3 the 120 gb version

  5. #135
    G Sus Guest
    installing official fw 3.55 is probably a lot safer, but i didn't, as long as your ps3 is not downgraded it should be ok.

    if its been downgraded ever then don't do it until you have used toggle qa

  6. #136
    flaviud Guest
    no it's not. i bought it new and it came with fw under 3 if my memory helps me thanks anyway

  7. #137
    G Sus Guest
    you should be ok then. bricks reported are because of console being a downgraded one so far.

    if installing ofw 3.55 makes you feal safer then i'm sure its available. and whatever it takes to make you comfortable you always better off doing.

    i've actually only heard of one brick, there should be somewhere to keep track of them.. a thread maybe.

  8. #138
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Did this got stuck? What happened? I thought we were going to see a lot more today and nothing new has came up in many hours, not even new fixes. We got the keys and a new CFW, what else does the scene need? They've got everything!!

  9. #139
    gellzak Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by pinkone View Post
    hey man just a question. does my ps3 need to be running cfw 3.55 for me to install this cfw? thanks.

  10. #140
    BluRay Guest
    Luci, please, don't give out fake info. Most bricks are coming from PS3s that never been downgraded and I myself bricked a PS3 that has never been through downgrade, my friend has a flasher and he was playing around with this.

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