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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    japabr Guest
    They were working flawlessly but then my BR Drive just died on me, I mean I think i've screwed up the connector bracket while opening it up, now the drive is not being recognized by the ps3, although it does turn on when I press eject with the console on standby, but the drive does not get the disk when you try to put it on.

    So i believe that my drive is somehow FUBAR and or I have to get it repaired or I may throw away my console. Since no Home brew seems to work without the BR Drive being recognized by the ps3 at startup. All i get is a black screen when I try to launch Multiman for example.

    Tks for replying akodinito.

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    NtRnOs Guest
    not working on my 4.30 Rogero 2.05 (Ps3 Phat) Brick my XMB (freeze), when i launch

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    seeman Guest
    it should work... try slim mod and pls tell me again! i installed it on a fresh rogero v 2.05 and there was no problems! but i didn't test the phat installer.... where exactly the freeze are?

    you need to restart ps3 in recovery and just install cfw again..

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    Ozz465 Guest
    anyone got the tool to convert emus and psn games to this fw??

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    misterdo Guest

    Question Ban Provision on 4.30 Rogero

    Hey there,

    I read a lot of posts, but I didn't found a good method. I am on the CFW 4.30 Rogero with the newest Multiman. Because I don't want to get a ban, I look for a method how it will be hard to ban me.

    This is what I found yet:
    • FckPSN
    • PS_Unban
    • Erase Me

    Is there a tool to log in to PSN without console id like FckPSN without using a computer or laptop? I don't need PS_Unban, cause I'm not banned yet. What is Erase Me? I read a thread about it, but I didn't understand what it do!


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    Tepoo Guest
    Here is the easiest and onlinest way to not get banned with a cfw.
    • Dont go online with a cfw

    There is no method who can protect you. Sony protected there Console very well for 3 Years. and you can be sure, it will take another 3 years before someone finds a method of protection you online for 100%.

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    misterdo Guest
    I know that it is the easiest way -.-

    Then tell me a harder one.

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    seeman Guest
    there is no way... sony will always recognize your cfw... if you HAVE to go online.... i would say just use the shop !! but don't play online!!!

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    seeman Guest
    seach for eboot resigner... but the most stuff is already converted & eboots don't need to be fixed because you can regular update them theres no need for 3.55 fixes...

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    danielpc99 Guest
    Don't play games before they are officially released. I play CS-GO for almost a month online and didn't get banned (yet). i believe there are some games where you can get easily get banned than others.. CoD Black Ops 2 for example.

    I would assume it's all about luck. that sony always recognize your cfw is not true. if it were, everybody signing in to SEN would get slapped.

    what comes to my mind for provision is using the stealth version if MM. i don't use it, but if you have installed it, MM disappears from your XMB (i think).

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