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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    G Sus Guest
    sure can , 1 min

    i just hope someone hurrys up and releases a dex 4.21cfw before loads of impatients try reverting to cex and brick their ps3s

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    bLackftw1989 Guest
    Can't go Online after flashing this CFW succesfully. 8071053D error coming up?

    What can I do ?

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    i think it'd just be easier to post games that don't work by the looks of it

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    G Sus Guest
    Games i can confirm working on rogero 4.25cfw and now living in a suitcase.

    Aliens v predator
    army of two
    batman arkham asylum
    batman arkham city
    bleach soul ressurection
    Cod MW3
    call of juarez bound in blood
    conflict denied ops
    dead space
    deus ex
    doom 3
    fallout 3
    fallout new vegas
    farcry 2
    fifa street
    fifa street 3
    god of war collection
    god of war 3
    heavy rain
    ico shadow of collosus
    jak and daxter collection
    avatar the game
    just cause 2
    killzone 2
    l.a noir
    lollipop chainsaw
    medal of honour
    naughty bear
    need for speed hot pursuit
    nfs undercover
    ninja gaiden 3
    ninja gaiden sigma
    red faction armageddon
    red faction guerrilla
    resident evil 5
    resident evil 6
    resistance 2
    saints row 2
    saw 2
    silent hill downpour
    silent hill hd
    sniper elite v2
    suoremacy mma
    darkness 2
    half life orange box
    sims 3
    ufc 2009
    uncharted 1, 2, and 3

    please excuse some of the games, i cant resist buying them when they only 2 or 3 each.

    it would appear the games compatability is identicle to kmeaw but better cos of 4.21 features

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    GoldenCross Guest
    Is one piece working ?

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    G Sus Guest
    i'm currently checking out all the tv catchup channels, its good to be finally up to date lol

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    Mbb Guest
    Finally there is something new, I haven't been on this site for ages i'm afraid

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    vieke Guest
    So this is no good on a OFW 4.25, and (sorry, total noob here). there will probably be no way i can JB my 4.25 without buying some expensive hardware?

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    G Sus Guest
    Vieke you are correct on all accounts

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    technodon Guest
    i made a quick fix here to solve the ingame xmb problem, its not brilliant this removes the install package file options from the xmb. rogero bascially patched the chinese firmware so it can be installed on any console they must be good at hacking but useless at creating custom firmwares.

    anyway to use this go into multiman enable dev_blind access you need to ftp into your console and make a backup of the original vsh folder then replace the files with the one in the download and reboot the console.

    if you need to install a package you will have to replace the original files for now. i'm sure it will be fixed properly soon.

    WARNING: only attempt this if you have a e3 flasher or progskeet and/or if you are confident with this, if you mess up dev_flash you will need to downgrade to 3.55 to reinstall this firmware:

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