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  1. #1271
    G4V Guest

    Change Coldboot on 4.30 Rogero ?

    Hi All, I am looking to change Coldboot on 4.30 Rogero ?

    Can this be done ?



  2. #1272
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    I have now promoted the update to our main page, and +Rep for sharing the news seeman!

  3. #1273
    gustavprok Guest

    SC-8 I Hermes to Rogero 4.30 2.03

    I need help.

    So I have ps3 slim 320gb, and when I go to Settings/System Settings/System Information in XMB screen it says System Software: Version 4.25, but when I go to multiMAN Settings/System Information it says multiMAN Version: 02.08.05 and PS3 System: Firmware 3.55 [SC-8 I Hermes]

    So can I follow the step by step guide to install Rogero 4.30 2.03 and all the other stuff that would someone need to play games from internal hdd and connect ps3 to home network for easy file transfer?

    I was wondering do I need some new hardware downgrade or I can just do it my self by putting software on USB stick and install it?

    Thanks in advance.

  4. #1274
    credentialz Guest
    How about adding fan control it would help us old gens out a lot.

    just put the rogero 430 v2.03 on stick n update thru xmb easy as pie guy.

  5. #1275
    DJGeForce Guest
    Seeman can you add a black xmb wave like the old ps3 theme? Its awesome. Also I've noticed that is some english text not translated. Can you send the updated text files for me?

  6. #1276
    seeman Guest
    there are alot of hardware mods for this... i don't know how to do it i'm sorry

    just change the background to change the waves... and the colors... i only changed the icons from the xmb in all languages the rest should be the same... if you want to change language from the managers thats other files...

  7. #1277
    xakmad Guest
    how do i Change param.sfo from your applications to change the categories? on a text editor on the PC ftped to the ps3? or does the ps3 pkg allow me to do this?


  8. #1278
    seeman Guest
    you need a param.sfo editor (aldotools one)... then just copy file via ftp... right!

  9. #1279
    sacredshinobi Guest

    error when downgrading to rogero 3.7

    I patched my PS3 bios and renamed it to bkpps3. When I put my micro SD card in and star the process it gives me the 10001111 error.

    The issue here is that once I got this error I went back to try to get more bios dumps, whenever I try to get a bios dump it works perfectly, it is only when I try to put rogero on that this error shows up

    Your help is greatly appreciated

  10. #1280
    akimazaki Guest
    Are you want downgrade or flash patch dump?? if you want downgrade you must use e3 downgrade bin file.. put switch 1-5 down and 6 up.. if you patch your dump file with patch three musketeer you must flash with switch 1 up and all down..

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