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  1. #1251
    seeman Guest
    you can install it... it categorizes the xmb new... and adds a few managers... CUSTOM XMB for CUSTOM FW

  2. #1252
    amareladex Guest
    thanks brother...

  3. #1253
    xr3b0rn Guest

  4. #1254
    seeman Guest
    UPDATE FOR FAT MODEL: the normal mod only shows the two usb ports from the SLIM in the filemanager! if you want to show up all ports and memorycards from the FAT in the filemanager download this file: http://netload.in/datei6Xde86jQHL/File_Manager.xml.htm

    and replace it on your ps3 (mod needs to be installed first so you get the folder)



  5. #1255
    cheeyee09 Guest
    Thanks. Updated to this because I want to play my new backups without patch.

  6. #1256
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by seeman View Post
    I have added the update to the bottom of our main page article now as well and +Rep seeman!

  7. #1257
    merraton Guest
    I have a question - If I have console with OFW lower than 3.55, can I upgrade directly to Rogero 4.3 V2.00 after getting my PS3 to 3.55? Or do I need to install lower version of Rogero's CFW first? I'm lost with all this versions available.

  8. #1258
    shinji1982 Guest
    You can Upgrade directly to Rogero CEX-4.30 v2.03

  9. #1259
    DJGeForce Guest
    I've noticed that its only in english. Seeman, do you want me to translate it to Portuguese? I really like this theme, but i would like it in portuguese.

  10. #1260
    seeman Guest
    yeah why not i'm still working on it... do you know how to do it? and which files you need? i can give you the files! theres only two rco files to edit the main xmb... if you want to edit the managers there are a lot more... i didn't even translated them to german myself

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