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    sadly pressing the ps button in a game is useless, it never settles, just keeps spinning.

    hopefully hes working on a vers 2

    thanks for the multiman link ps3news, ps3 was downloading at 1mb per min est arrival 2 hours
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    well, this is cool. i'll stick with 3.55 for a bit until a confirmed (near) flawless release comes out that has less than 1% brick. i think i might just try to use the keys to patch newer games for the time being

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    Looking at the changelog for the new multiman, Deank has bee a very busy little bee. has he ever tried sleeping, apparantly its good for you now and then.

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    LOL I just post it under above thread!

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    just updated to latest multiman, and uncharted 2 still wont work, but who cares its one game, it will free up space on harddrive for another, not like i haven't completed it 10 times lol

    nope i didn't update multiman, the link i downloaded was still 4.07.02 i'm such an idiot glad i didn't delete the game yet
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    Seems like Rogero will soon be releasing a brick-free version with bug fixes.

    Today he said: Please anyone with a hardware flasher and a machine that bricked while installing the CFW then you have un-bricked it, please contact me.

    Because what I need to fix this weird problem is someone who already have a flasher, a PS3 that bricked, so we can fix it, then replicate the brick, then re-fix it, and test another version of the CFW4.21...

    And yesterday he was testing/fixing bugs.

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    I did downgrade from 4:21 to 3:55 Rogero, I can install this cfw or will I have a problem? excuse my english

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    Try Resigning The EBOOT.BIN Of Uncharted 2 for 4.21CFW with new Resigning tool if it does not work with Multiman 4.08.00 BASE.

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    good idea, or i could just load it in again from disc again so that its a direct copy

    excellent, the new multiman fixed everything. so far out of 52 games i own all 52 work perfect.

    now thats excellent odds. now i can put them all back in the suitcase at bottom of wardrobe lol.
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    Luci ferson You can make a nice compatibility list of those games.that will be helpful for other people.


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