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    Junior Member cursorsauce's Avatar
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    Please help... I just updated fw from Rebug 3.55 to Rogero 4.30. L.A. Noire works internal. Can't get any games yet to work external...

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    i wanted to upgrade to rogero v2.. my ps3 is downgraded by a hardware flasher and its on trueblue CFW. what is the safest route to do?

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    great work rogero keep it up and you are the best

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    It works really well and most games work without fixes. I did not update multiman and was a bit lost until i remembered i had another system so i transfer the data then updated and installed this. The constant rebooting when update the games in multiman is a hassle but i like what i see. Thanks so much and keep up the good work

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    I must say that these new 4.21 CFW (rebug and Rogero) are a bitter sweet for me. I tried rebug 4.21 and then Rogero 4.21 v2. Both give the same result. All games (at least those that does not give me a black screen work) but none of the homebrews I had install do. I am trying to learn how to resign them. Quite of a learning curve/nightmare. Some of them (like Openbox ftp) won't even install. Some install but do not work (mednafen).

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    Guys, i've spend the last days learning and reading this forum here but i'm still a bit confused on the process. I'm new to PS3, but i was used to jailbreak Wii and other stuff.. The thing is, i just bought a Super Slim 4011b at OFW 4.21, and i would like to know if there is a chance to install Rogero on it.

    Any help is welcome, thanks!

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    Did you try the TrueAncestor resigner software? It's very intuitive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hmaqueda View Post
    i would like to know if there is a chance to install Rogero on it.
    Unfortunately for you, you can't install any such thing on the new Super Slims.

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    Just updated to this cfw and it is awesome; I don't know why I waited. I do have two games that don't seem to work for me though. Warriors Musou 3 is freezing up on the "loading" screen and Rune Factory Tides of Destiny have black screen after the move warning screens.

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    No install package files?! I'm on 3.55CFW Kmew and thinking on upgrading for this new CFW, should i do it? i dont have a flasher thingy.

    Or should I wait for a newer CFW version?

    thank you everyone
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