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  1. #1081
    Need help with wwe13 I can play the game but no sound how to fix?

  2. #1082
    SeVeN711 Guest
    You have to turn bdmirror function on in multiman manager to play wwe13 with sound

  3. #1083
    axncorp Guest
    i'm currently on 3.55 Kmeaw cfw, do i need to dehash, then install 3.55 original, then to 4.30 1.04 or can i just go from 3.55 kmeaw to 4.3 1.04?

    thank you, i'm still newb at this

  4. #1084
    Lufffial Guest
    you have to install the rogero 3.55 cfw at recovery mode and then you have to install toggle ta. then go back to recovery mode and install rogero cfw 4.30

  5. #1085
    joekrow Guest
    Thank you for everything anyway I am now on this Rogero CFW firmware. I don't have even 1 game my question is I have original ps3 Game disc which I still want to play them, how can I play them anything to be able to convert that disk to ISO on external to play?

    Thank you and waiting for a respond from someone

  6. #1086
    timi Guest
    PSN games dont work.

  7. #1087
    Muhammad54 Guest
    On Rogero 4.30 v1.04. I have multiple games running on Rogero wit multiman. I am having issues with one game. Mickey 2. Anyone that have this running. Can you please tell me the settings you have in Multiman and also if any patching or resigning needed to be done. After showing the Move screen then the Splash screen. It did the update and says Press PS to exit and never return. Please respond only if you have this game or know the issue.

    Solved the Issue. Mickey 2 must be installed on Internal Drive. Found no way to edit or delete my post. PSN games do work timi. They just have to be resigned if you had them with a CFW under 4.21...

  8. #1088
    RUDOBOY Guest
    thanks a lot

  9. #1089
    tigereye Guest
    i know it is noob question but i still ask... i got ps3 with OFW 3.55 on it can i download and install CFW Rogero CEX PS3 CFW v4.21.?

  10. #1090
    fantopoulos Guest
    absolutely but if you want a better cfw i am using rogero 4.30 update 1.03 but an even better cfw that was released today with bug fixes and best/fastest cfw on net as we speak use ErmaC 4.30 CFW 1.4. do not go with debug/dex of any kind i am using rogeros 4.30 update v103 rogero 4.30 update v104 is available.

    4.30 plays all new games without patching just upload to external or internal and play but ErmaC 4.30 CFW 1.4 = best i wish i had that but i'm fine no probs just like checking everything out best bet so do not just go to 4.21 go to 4.30 either rogero or ErmaC 4.30 CFW 1.4 cheers let me know how you make out you must be on 3.55 official firmware or trouble cheers glad to help

    read 3 or 4 posts above mine to give you more insight 4.21 no 4.30 yes but latest update

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