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    Junior Member cucu21's Avatar
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    BLES01717 Black Ops II on PSN Server Error With Rogero 4.30 1.04

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    I been trying to get on multiplayer but server down error comes up. i wanted to know if other people have this problem and if anyone is online with this game. I am wondering if The server is really down or if i cant log in because they know im on cfw thanx and hope we get to the bottom of this

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    This isnt gonna be much help, but I had the same problem the first time I tried to play it on my xbox. I just quit the multiplayer menu the started it again. I'll try on my PS3 in a minute & report back.

    I'm not on v1.04, I'm only on 1.03

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    i'm having the same problem

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    That is because some stupid idiot enter in the psn before the game is officialy launch today after that sony is down any kind multiplayer flagged yep!!

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    cucu21, those popular FPS games are the ones Sony pays the most attention for cheaters and CFW users, since they're back with the banwave, I highly recomend you not to play It online on CFW, that's just a precaution though, there is a chance of you getting banned even without ever playing any game online.

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    i tried also and am having same issues. just cant get multiplayer working. one thing to note is that the multiplayer version number i have is 20.0.-1 on modded console and on my non modded console with original disk i get 20.126.5.

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    You got the possibilities to upload the 3 files (eboot & the 2 selfs) of the working version?

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    Can anyone upload the rogero cfw 4.3 1.04 with the fix to a torrent and post the link / magnet because it won't let me download it on my phone.

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    Hi I need help I'm trying to see if I can use Duplex game fix on Rogero CEX 4.30 cfw v1.04 for some games that I have that need to be fix?

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    how much is rogero 4.30 compatible with broken drive and can games b played without disc?...


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