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    The fix is just so you can use PSHome, it's still needed on Ermac and included also in his package. The difference is that Ermac don't have any of the demo mode popups on XMB, rogero still has it in the TV category. And the XMB on Ermac feels so much faster...

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    thanks for that , i'll let it sit and wait on rebug for a while longer, one of them is bound to perfect it soon and get a cfw that dont require no pkg. installs and has no demo mode annoyances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cr0n View Post
    Is it me or the release log seems a copy paste from ErmaC CFW?
    Sure, all Rogero's CFW are copy/paste of other previous CFW.... oink!

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    can I install rogero CFW 4.30 V1.04 directly on cfw 4.30 v1.02 ???

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    no you can't, you must downgrade to 3.55 OFW/CFW and update to last version of Rogero CFW

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    and how can I downgrade ??

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    as far as i've seen others have. whether they were meant to ive got no idea. i'd say follow whatever instructions rogero gave.

    just cos someone gets away with something don't mean your ps3 will.

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    read carefully the first post of this topic for all instruction

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    For those that wish to know. I've got an original 60gb FAT PS3 (CECHA01). Decided on the weekend to update to Rogero 4.30 v1.03. I had Kmeaw 3.55 CFW loaded on the machine with no spoofing etc.

    Booted to recovery mode and performed the update. Was really crapping myself that i'd brick the unit. But thought what the hell.

    Updated successfully with no problems encountered whatsoever. Then installed the latest Multiman. All was good. Glad I did the update in the end.

    Now for a bigger hard drive

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    sadly you've now got to downgrade again and then upgrade back to 4.30 v1.04

    i'd suggest doing the bigger harddrive whilst your back in 3.55 , safer in case anything gos wrong.

    probably best to just wait where you are until rogero perfects his 4.30cfw and then when he does downgrade to 3.55 change hardrive and then update back to whatever revision the perfected 4.30cfw is
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