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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    fantopoulos Guest
    ya press select and x at th e same time when choosing from multiman and when choosing ac brotherhood from the xmb disk that sys ac brotherhood also select and x at same timeor wont work and takes a while, it did it with me on assassins creed 3 also try a 2nd multimanager for bckup i got one or 2 games that do not play on mm but play on rogero strange

    cheers this will solve your problem

    sorry woke up meant ac revel not brotherhood even though they are a brotherhood lol cheers, it will work try what i mentioned oh you have to go into game setting and choose bd mirror also and then select and x at same time before xmb and during xmb, wont run diskless either cheers, and works externally

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    psicho Guest
    Already tried Select+X, that's the same with BD-mirror optioned enabled in game settings in multiman. But the problem is on Rogero CFW4.30, not CFW3.55, in 3.55 it worked flawlessly. Also on CFW4.30 there is currently only Multiman Game Loader. I have problems only with these game, AC3 works well, and all other games I tried so far.

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    G Sus Guest
    it has something to do with copying all data and putting it in a USRDIR folder but im unsure of the exact specifics. i'll see if i can find the post regarding the fix for this.

    Create an empty ASSASIN_ISO folder in USRDIR

    try that.

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    matt101 Guest
    try change the payload to standard in multiman... or change to hermes,... i got ac-3... works flawless on 4.30 rog... if it was patched for 3.55 if it was working on 3.55 u prob need original eboot. from eboot repository make sure bd-emu external are highlighted.. if your ac-3 is external...

    it does take a while for it to start ... well first time it did for me... also try set permissions in multiman... use .test in multiman as well... just incase it damaged... all i can think of ...good luck

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    psicho Guest
    Will have to try both of your methods. My version of AC Revelations was BLES01467 Abstrakt release, untouched, without any patch for 3.55, AC3 works, and I haven't encountered any problems with it, or any other game on CFW 4.30. All games I ran were from internal with disk in BD drive.

    G Sus, can you tell me the procedure, folder name, contents etc, or some link, I don't want to revert to 3.55 for only one game. Thanks

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    G Sus Guest
    i believe in the games folder in your case BLES01467 you will find a folder called USRDIR. and all you do is create an empty folder in there called ASSASIN_ISO. then just start the game in multiman with bdmirror enabed. the folder you created is so that multiman can use it for the files it needs to mirror.

    i assume it means the Game folder (BLES01467) on the hardrive the game is stored on.

    eg D:/Games/BLES01467/USRDIR/ASSASIN_ISO

    ASSASIN_ISO being the empty folder you created. and D: being whatever your drive letter is.

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    mgkmgk Guest
    Thanks for the reply G Sus... I do have the Linux partition and ideally would keep it...however, I saw the rebug instructions says install from any 3.55... I'm on OFW 3.15 - do I install 3.55 over 3.15 first (assuming that just masks the Linux partition) and then 4.21 REX omn top of 3.55?

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    G Sus Guest
    nope sadly installing 3.55 ofw will over write your linux partition. do some research and maybe you could install rebug 3.55rex straight over ofw3.15 (im not sure) the 3.55 Rebug rex is also otheros compatible. then update to rebug 4.21rex from there. i'm unsure if its safe to do this so check first.

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    galves46 Guest
    ohw can i install it in 3.72 ofw?

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    G Sus Guest
    sorry but you would need to downgrade with a hardware flasher at the moment. all cfw only installs on 3.55 or below.

    keep checking back on the ps3news main page cos as soon as this changes you'll see it there.

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