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    i went fom update 1.03 to update 1.04 no probs at all

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    my console has OFW 4.30, how can I downgrade it to 3.55?

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    Jan 2012
    using E3 flasher

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    Oct 2012
    You first need to check if your console is downgrade able always remember that and if its then you will need a hardware flasher like the e3 flasher highly recommended for NOR consoles or a Progskeet if you are rocking on a NAND console.

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    I was on CFW 3.55 then I upgrade it to OFW 4.21 then to OFW 4.30. Do I still need a flasher to downgrade to 3.55?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantopoulos View Post
    i went fom update 1.03 to update 1.04 no probs at all
    directly? without downgrading before?

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    Yes... Just makes sure you take note if you have a nand or nor which depends if you need a e3 or progskeet...

    Now I just have to decide if I want to install this version or EmarC's latest version

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    Any reason why you are choosing between Rogero and EmarC... why not Rebug... cos Rebug is only 4.21?

    I am also on the fence but things seem to have settled enough to update one... I have a slim on CFW 3.55 and a 3.15 OFW... been clinging on not to lose OtherOS - but truth is I hardly use it so I think it is time to bite the bullet and upgrade.

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    rebug 4.21 rex is other os compatible

    if you already have the linux partition, just use rebug and you don't lose it, and can still use it. as for the other 2 , Rogero has been round for a long time so you know his will always be supported.

    Ermac is new to the scene, or at least HSMadness is, however he could be some well known dev too. (different name). both the rogero and the ermac seem to be evenly matched, i'd probably be tempted to go with the ermac. its starting to look like the new kmeaw of 4.xx

    but i like testing new stuff and don't always go with obvious choices.

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    AC Revelations on CFW 4.30 Rogero

    Is there any way to make Assassin's Creed Revelation work on Rogero CFW4.30, I've tried everything I could think of:

    - copied the game to internal HDD and started with the latest Multiman => black screen, no input worked, had to restart the console
    - run the game with BD-mirror on from Multiman => same result, black screen
    - updated the game to version 1.04 from Multiman => same result, black screen w/o BD mirror on
    - aplied Nodrm patch to game for update 1.04 to devhdd0/game/BLES01467 => run the game w/o BD mirror, returned to XMB with error code 80010017
    - modified param.sfo to system version 4.30, replaced them both from game and GAMES folders => same result, error code 80010017

    The game worked fine on CFW3.55, including Desmonds missions, but after update to 4.30 I can't start the game. I forgot to mention that I formatted my HDD when I upgraded to 4.30 because of corrupt data, so it was a clean copy of the game, no files were used from previous installation and I also tried all the methods above with and without disk in BD drive.

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