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  1. #1001
    G Sus Guest
    multiman will download it to your hardrive, then quit to xmb and go to package manager. you will find the pkg in there , install it then run the game put any disk in the disc drive. start multiman and you will see the game you want to play. select it. multiman will kick you out into xmb but the disc you put in the drive will no longer be visibe, it will now state its the game you want to play. click it and the game will start.

  2. #1002
    capnemo Guest
    so, i need like... pkg downloader as well?

  3. #1003
    G Sus Guest
    no, multiman can download update pkgs

  4. #1004
    capnemo Guest
    but it has to find the game on HDD? i even try connect me 320GB HDD but it wont find it

    do i need any other updates/files to install?

  5. #1005
    G Sus Guest
    where is your game , put game on ext. hardrive in a folder called Games, the G must be capital so it will be like this

    D: Games/BLESxxxxx - [ whatever game ]

    then multiman will find it

    if your problem is with running multiman it shouldnt really be in this thread since its not the cfw thats the problem, its just you not knowing how to use multiman.

    there is a thread somewhere for multiman

  6. #1006
    capnemo Guest
    from start... i have dowloaded files on HDD. connect to ps3, start multiman... what is the next step in multiman? should i wait some time so mm finds files om HDD?

    ohh... sry for that. didn't know, but can't find any other thread for mm hopping for you help

  7. #1007
    G Sus Guest
    when you start multiman look for the games tab. you will see a refresh option, click the refresh and your games will show up.

  8. #1008
    capnemo Guest
    yes, its works, but only whit my 16gb usb stick. my 320 hdd wont apper in multiman. finds the game in multiman, going back to xmb and starting the game, but i got black screen. waiting for about 2-3 minutes... nothing

  9. #1009
    G Sus Guest
    sounds like its the hardrive thats at problem. try another hardrive or make sure the hardrive is formatted to fat32 or ps3 can't use it

  10. #1010
    capnemo Guest
    ok, but wont start anyway from my usb. read something about the black screen problem... any solution?

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