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Thread: Rogero CEX PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW) v4.21 is Now Released!

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    Portalcake Guest
    Install MultiMAN.

    Put the games in a USB HDD, for example "BLES000000" inside a folder calles GAMES on the USB HDD's root.

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    capnemo Guest
    so, i did install rogero 4.3 and multiman, but cant find a way to play downloaded game...

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    dtehollis Guest
    I did what you said and managed to load the game, thanks Portalcake. But the problem now is that I keep getting an error message "corrupted game file, you must delete game data before playing...." when trying to load the game from app_home, then I get directed back to the xmb. When I try loading the game from multiMan I get directed back to the xmb also.

    I did try installing sleeping dogs update 1.02 but it still gives me the error message after the update completes. I tried deleting the game data, ignoring the 1.02 update, re-copying the files etc but nothing will work. Any assistance please!

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    G Sus Guest
    delete all game data for sleeping dogs, install the 1.02 update and the run it with a disk in the drive (not from app home) it will start,
    then it will black screen, but if you look at your ext.hd light it will be blinking, (not the one on ps3).
    after about 2 or 3 min. the ps3 HDD indicator will begin to flash. and about 1 min later it will start.

    if this don't work, the only thing i can think of is your download is corrupt, the solution is go buy the game and use multiman to back it up. it will definitely work.

    the black screen and slow loading only happens the first time you play it.

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    capnemo Guest
    G Sus... so whats left for me to do before playing dowloaded games? i have rogero 4.3 installed whit latest multiman... grateful for help

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    G Sus Guest
    with rogero 4.30 if you use multiman to get the latest update for the game, and install it then the game should just run straight away.

    but most games require a disk in the drive , and not be run from app/home

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    capnemo Guest
    where do i get the latest update in multiman? i'm using 16gb usb stick ...should i create GAME dir on it?

    sry for all the questions... but i'm total NOOB!

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    dtehollis Guest
    Thanks! I will try that. The only problem is that I'm doing all this on a PS3 with a broken BD, I will have to swap it with a working one from spare parts. So is Sleeping Dogs even capable of running discless?

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    G Sus Guest
    i've never tried it discless, it might work discless. just remember it does appear to have black screened at first. but as long as your hd light is flashing it should start working

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    capnemo Guest
    the game i want start has 2 dir, ps3_game and ps3_update and 1 sfb file. i put everything in GAMES dir on usb stick and starts in multiman... but where?

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