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Thread: Rogero CEX 4.60 v1.00 PS3 CFW Leaked by Pauline45, Details Available

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    hishamage Guest
    Here is another link to this CFW:

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    jarvis Guest
    I don't agree with this leak at all. The dev's will release it when it is ready. It's their work and you shouldn't steal it and put it out there yourself.

    Self-entitled jerk releasing prior to it being completed. You want e-fame? Now you will be known as the scumbag responsible for no future CFW releases from them. Congratulations schmuck.

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    mmanolos Guest
    I think we have to wait a little longer for a proper version, or an updated Multiman.

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    bigvern1979 Guest
    i cant get any of my games to work from external using irisman or gamesonic man it just black screens and freezes gonna have to try and downgrade now

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    matt101 Guest
    Good things come to those who wait... do not agree with the leak... bad move

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    nenele84 Guest
    gent because of leaking labor devs there'll soon be more devs to release their work

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    moja Guest
    I would (as I'm sure many others) love a new, current Rebug, but for now have switched to Rogero. It simply does everything I want it to at the moment. Won't try the leaks, though.

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    kalberto Guest
    well, I think Rogero did not want to release it, maybe it was because of something else, like payload's, BD's and others.

    as we knew, now OFW was more security because of ODE's thing, so it was effecting to CFW too.

    We must wait for the dev, to figure it out.

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    AKmania Guest
    i hope it would be perfect soon, i really like rogero cfw.

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    Apr 2005


    I have now added Rogero's official reply on the leak to the main article for those interested.

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