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    i had same problem so switched to iris manager and that works a treat

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    guys, any idea when Rogero CEX 4.53 will be available?

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    Sep 2013
    probably will not be made

    But hope dies last

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    Updating PS3 CFW help?

    i am on rogero 4.50 and want to know which version of 4.53 i can do via xmb and how i get into recovery mode on 4.50 rogero? ty

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    Hello! I updated to Habib/Cobra 4.53 1.05. All Games run on it. You can update on xmb. Write me if you want to go to the recovery-mode. But in this case you don't have to.

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    Jan 2011
    either steven 4.53 or habib 4.53 1.05 both are pretty much the same an can be updated via xmb

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    thank you, helped loads.

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    Nov 2010
    All the same how to get into the recovery menu,

    follow: you try to press and hold -> POWER -> power would die for her first -> then press and hold again -> until you hear a beep 2x -> loose right from the push of a button -> connect your USB cable -> you will see the recovery menu.

    For Steven and Habib CFW latest v.4.53 all good.

    hopefully help thanks

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    Hai, I'm Newbie ... I have my PS3 Slim with Rogero 4.50 + MM 04.50.02 (after upgrade from CFW 3.55) but some games (COD Warfare, Captain America, Skyrim, Fight Night, etc) after launch, the screen go blank and stuck there or for a 2 minute go back to XMB screen...whats the problem? i have a Dongle too... please help me... Thank You so much...

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    hello i want to ask i have ps3 cfw regero 4.50 is it my ps3 still able to play original blu ray game..?

Closed Thread
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