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    newbie here! need some help please!! how do i update to this cfw? i'm on OFW 4.50. getting the data is corrupted (8002f957) when trying to update

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    You need to downgrade with a flasher if your ps3 is downgradeable do a bit of searching on this site and im sure you will find all the info you need.

    some where on this site there is thread to find out if you can and how far back you can downgrade ps3 also there is several threads about downgrading and which of the flashers.

    is best to use hope this helps.

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    Older PSN cracks on rogero 4.50


    i try to install some older releases from duplex. Those are in the "get one install.pkg and one crack.pkg" format

    both packages install fine, but the games are always in demo mode? I tried installing them from MM or via install packages.

    it's games like outland, pacman championship dx and the likes... am i missing something or doing wrong? or are those games just not compatible anymore and i should downgrade?
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    btw if OFW 4.50 can we just install CFW ROGERO 4.50 to play friendly games?

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    Waiting for new Rogero cmon m8 pretty please !

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    Rogero update no launch icon

    Hi, I have updated to Rogero 4.50. Now I can't get any games to run at all. Each time I go to Multiman and select a game it goes back to XMB as usual but there is no BD icon to launch the game.

    Can anyone help?


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    Have you updated multiman ? where did you get this rogero 4.50 ? have you compared check sum ?

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    Please check and make sure you have bdrom emulation set to enabled in your multiman settings and this will do it for you. Please post back with your results.

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    I have got the same problem, then i download BD-ROM redirection reset then this program fix my problem. hope it helps you.


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    just redo rogero update multiman and you should be okay in that order


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