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    Sep 2013
    Hmm.. So location is like this ? PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP

    Did you use md5 checker ? Are file(s) Okay ? Never install anything what in not checked with some md5 checker. I prefer this one:

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    Sep 2010
    M8 do you understand that there is no OFW 3.51 , 3.51 can only be only modded from other one , therefore you have this problem most likely , hard to say what is your actual FW.

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    is it possible to flash straight over rebug or is it better to wait and see what rebug team comes up with

    just took the plunge and update from rebug to rogero 4.50.v1.01 via usb no probs and so far all my games work with the new iris manager... phewww

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    Oct 2009
    Can i update from 3.55 to this new firmware , also should i qa flag it before i update?

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    Yes I would qa flag first and from what I have read it think ya can but would just double check the info just to be sure.

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    i'm getting data is corrupted (8002F157) while install it.

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    On Rogero now. Works great. I do miss some of the Rebug features though.

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    Rogero CFW 4.50 v 1.01 is out too right?

    So how do I install this thing here???

    Just tried data corrupted. help!!!

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    thank you

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    I the same data corrupted error. my firmware version is 4.50 my usb is fat32. i am following all the correct steps yet unable to install CFW anybody please help me ?

Closed Thread
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