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Thread: Rogero CEX 4.50 v1.00 PS3 CFW & PS3 Flash Auto Patcher v4.50 Out

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    simoool12 Guest
    I just tried to 3 different usb drives all formated fat32. I keep getting data is corrupted (8002F957)

    I dont understand how come its working for everyone but not on my console.

    Any more suggestions?

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    muny21 Guest
    Did you make sure to take out game disc? That can cause the error if you have it in.

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    windrider42 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by kalaner View Post
    Is it just me cuz this doesn't work with PSIDPatch or PSNPATCH... I can't update games either, i wanted too play batman arkham orgins this morning and there is update 1.02 out but when i press update it just restarts the ps3?

    Anyone else that have got same problem?
    You can update games via pc using AldosTools ps3tools game updater, as PSIDPatch or PSNPatch do work on Rogero 4.50

    Quote Originally Posted by varunesh View Post
    Please help i was on rebug 4.41 my son tried to install this firmware and now ps3 is on 4.46 but it seems like is on ofw 4.46... i mean i can find install manager or things like that and when i try to run multiman etc it say damage data 8002f2c5

    if i try to install other firmware (rebug 4.46 or again rogero) at 72% the installation stop saying data corrupt please help me out i beg you
    Try running the 999 downgrader pup first, then update to Rogero.

    Quote Originally Posted by simoool12 View Post
    If i am not mistaken, my system version is 3.51

    should i still proceed to 3.55??
    Are you sure your OFW is 3.51, or is it 3.61 as thats an error when trying to install CFW on an OFW PS3 > than 3.55

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    tswb Guest


    is it safe to install rogero 4.50 1.00 cfw on ps3 model cech-2001a....

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    misiozol Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by windrider42 View Post
    Are you sure your OFW is 3.51, or is it 3.61 as that's an error when trying to install CFW on an OFW PS3 > than 3.55
    Did not even notice that he is writing 3.51 , windrider42 you are correct he is most likely on 3.61 as there is no 3.51.

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    echoes4ever Guest
    I don't get why sony can't create a freaking rsod bypass with their ofw mf'ers. I got a OFW 4.46 with rsod and a CFW 4.46 but banned. if only sony used a shit bypass... any way a cfw just to create a bypass (newbie master asking here)

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    zazoon Guest

    Tnx for new 4.50 CFW.

    Find some errors ?!? Or i m not doing something right !

    Multiman (Showtime - Ororo - don't work / Navi-x unstable)
    Showtime from xmb - don't work at all ! Give code something with number 8 ...

    All games work ok.

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    simoool12 Guest
    i have tried 4 different flash drives and still gives me data corrupted. any other ideas.

    I really don't understand why its not working for me.

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    zazoon Guest
    Download the update and save the file to a compatible storage device such as USB. Before starting, use your PC to create a folder named "PS3" in the storage media or USB. In this folder, create a folder named "UPDATE" (the folder name is case sensitive). Once the UPDATE folder is created, download and store the update (.pup file) for PS3 system software.

    Once the update has been saved, remove the storage device and connect it to your PS3. Once connected, go to Settings on the home menu of the PS3, select System Update, then update via Storage Media. Select the storage media connected to the PS3 and install the update data stored there. Use right USB port !

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    simoool12 Guest
    I have done this over like 20 times so far. Everything like you said. I have 2 usb ports in the front of my ps3. I also tried using both ports. MY current original software is 3.51, I tried updating to the original 3.55 and also to the custom 3.55.

    also to the custom 4.5 but i always get the same error. the flash drives are formatted in fat32.

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