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    Hi guys, I have a 250gb ps3 running rogero cfw 4.40 with multi man and stealth.

    I'm wanting to update my firmware to be able to access psn to DL possible dlc's and that's all. Can someone please help point me in the right direction pls??

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    thank you

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    Thanks Hon3y

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    Is this a jb for 4.50 ofw and higher work or do i need to be on 3.50?

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    Thanks also

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    Hiya guys i'm new here. i got ps3 with latest 4.46 software update. What software will i need to download and run to JB my console?

    And also what software do i need as i want to download fifa15

    please guys i'm new here and need help.

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    hello, I just repaired 2 ps3s they both have OFW 4.55, I hope I can get this JB to work.

    can someone help me on what all I need for JB?

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    when is the new Rogero coming ?

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