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    then right click the extracted files and choose repack pkg for CEX

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    cheers dude

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    When i am doing update to this firmware, it wrotes me "Data is corrupted.

    My firm is 4.55 and i would like to update to 4.55 rogero cex... what i am diong wrong pls ?

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    If you have original 4.55 firmware you cannot use 4.55cfw, the only way you could use this is to either have started on a 3.55 firmware or flash back to 3.55 then upgrade using your cfw of choice.

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    Rogero CFW 4.55

    hi i am new to this forum, i have ps3 slim Rogero 4.55 v1.00 160 gb hdd.

    i want to upgrade hdd to 500 gb, please give me a good tutorial how to do it.

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    hey i'm new to all this and was wondering if you can modify my account on gta online? please i am begging you

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    I haven't used my PS3 in 3-5 years, but am sure it's on some sort of 3.55 cfw or below. I plan to dust it off and get it current, I've been doing a bit of reading the last few days but everything I find is severely outdated or assumes you've been keeping up with the scene. I've got a few questions:

    1. Can I install the latest Roger CFW (v4.55) over my v3.55 or lower CFW - or do I have to flash to v3.55 OFW first?

    2. I read you need to disable internet (mine's not connected anyway), remove the disc in the tray, etc. Any other precautions a "n00b" like me might need to be aware of so I don't destroy my ps3?

    3. I remember I needed a disc in the drive at all times for some/all backups. Is this still true or can I just run that BD emulator I've seen references to?

    4. Since I have old versions of software on it, should I consider formatting it to ensure stability? I think just deleting it would be okay but I don't know how finicky the ps3 is.

    Other questions I can take to the n00b/help forums if they're deemed out of scope for this thread:

    5. Sounds like MultiMAN is the dash I need to play backups from the hdd. I think I have an ancient version of this on there right now. If I want more space, anything special to get an external hdd working with multiman or do I have to upgrade the internal? Pretty sure my ps3 is the 160gb version.

    Thanks folks!

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    can I uppdate straight from Rogero downgrades 3.55 cfw to this on a FAT PS3 CHCEC03 ??

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    Only zippyshare is working for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jumbajumba View Post
    can I uppdate straight from Rogero downgrades 3.55 cfw to this on a FAT PS3 CHCEC03 ??
    I would make sure to first enable QA flag, then update. Also woudn't hurt to make a backup as well - basically follow what misiozol has posted. Better to be safe

    Then upgrade to Rogero latest 4.55.

    Quote Originally Posted by jojo1000 View Post
    Only zippyshare is working for now.
    See here:

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